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Go-difflib is a partial port of python 3 difflib package. Its main goal was to make unified and context diff available in pure Go, mostly for testing purposes.

The following class and functions (and related tests) have be ported:

  • SequenceMatcher
  • unified_diff()
  • context_diff()


$ go get

Quick Start

Diffs are configured with Unified (or ContextDiff) structures, and can be output to an io.Writer or returned as a string.

diff := UnifiedDiff{
    A:        difflib.SplitLines("foo\nbar\n"),
    B:        difflib.SplitLines("foo\nbaz\n"),
    FromFile: "Original",
    ToFile:   "Current",
    Context:  3,
text, _ := GetUnifiedDiffString(diff)

would output:

--- Original
+++ Current
@@ -1,3 +1,3 @@