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.. hazmat::
CommonCrypto binding
.. currentmodule:: cryptography.hazmat.bindings.commoncrypto.binding
.. versionadded:: 0.2
These are `CFFI`_ bindings to the `CommonCrypto`_ C library. It is only
available on Mac OS X versions 10.8 and above.
.. class:: cryptography.hazmat.bindings.commoncrypto.binding.Binding()
This is the exposed API for the CommonCrypto bindings. It has two public
.. attribute:: ffi
This is a ``cffi.FFI`` instance. It can be used to allocate and
otherwise manipulate CommonCrypto structures.
.. attribute:: lib
This is a ``cffi`` library. It can be used to call CommonCrypto
functions, and access constants.
.. _`CFFI`:
.. _`CommonCrypto`: