3.4.5 release
3.4.5 backports and changelog/version bump (#5827)

* Bump pyo3 and lower MSRV (#5823)

* fix signature of EllipticCurvePublicKey.verify() (#5808)

The signature change was introduced in https://github.com/pyca/cryptography/pull/5729 but is inconsistent with respect to related methods, breaks backward compatibility and compatibility with the OpenSSL backend (and maybe other backends) when named arguments are used.

* Name: update get_attributes_for_oid return type (#5809)

`List` gives more power to the caller.

Note that `RelativeDistinguishedName`, the same function returns a `List`.

Is there a reason this was `Iterable` only for `Name`? If we don't want to
promise `List`, `Sequence` is another alternative.

* Start typing a bunch of stuff from x509 extensions (#5812)

* part 2 of typing x509 extensions (#5815)

* 3.4.5 changelog and version bump

* spelling

* fix a false positive from the latest clippy (#5813)

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