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  1. a7987e7 bpo-32217: Correct usage of ABI tags in freeze. (GH-4719) by AraHaan · 9 hours ago master
  2. d3c72a2 bpo-36381: warn when no PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN defined (GH-12473) by Inada Naoki · 13 hours ago
  3. d60f658 bpo-23205: IDLE: Add tests and refactor grep's findfiles (GH-12203) by Cheryl Sabella · 14 hours ago
  4. 6d5ee97 bpo-36301: Add _PyRuntimeState.preconfig (GH-12506) by Victor Stinner · 14 hours ago
  5. 2b75155 bpo-36405: Use dict unpacking in idlelib (#12507) by Terry Jan Reedy · 18 hours ago
  6. 7a2e84c bpo-33319: Clarify subprocess call docs. (GH-12508) by Gregory P. Smith · 18 hours ago
  7. 7c822e5 Fix typo in doc for pprint.pp (GH-12500) by Xavier GUIHOT · 24 hours ago
  8. c141957 bpo-36396: Remove fgBg param of idlelib.config.GetHighlight() (GH-12491) by Terry Jan Reedy · 27 hours ago
  9. 5086589 bpo-36298: Raise ModuleNotFoundError in pyclbr when a module can't be found (GH-12358) by Brett Cannon · 27 hours ago
  10. dd7c4ce bpo-35155: clarify protocol handler method naming (GH-10313) by Denton Liu · 28 hours ago
  11. 96831c7 bpo-30670: Add pp function to the pprint module (GH-11769) by Rémi Lapeyre · 32 hours ago
  12. c5c6cda asyncio: PendingDeprecationWarning -> DeprecationWarning (GH-12494) by Inada Naoki · 2 days ago
  13. b0df45e bpo-21269: Provide args and kwargs attributes on mock call objects GH11807 by Kumar Akshay · 2 days ago
  14. 40b6907 Raise the timeout in test_multiprocessing_* for slow buildbots (GH-12489) by Pablo Galindo · 2 days ago
  15. 97f5de0 bpo-35284: Fix the error handling in the compiler's compiler_call(). (GH-10625) by Zackery Spytz · 2 days ago
  16. 93e8012 bpo-36398: Fix a possible crash in structseq_repr(). (GH-12492) by Zackery Spytz · 2 days ago
  17. 9a0000d bpo-36256: Fix bug in parsermodule when parsing if statements (GH-12477) by Pablo Galindo · 2 days ago
  18. aedc273 Fix registry key for Windows SDK detection (GH-12445) by Isuru Fernando · 2 days ago
  19. 8bba81f bpo-35978: Correctly skips venv tests in venvs (GH-12220) by Steve Dower · 2 days ago
  20. 7ee88bf bpo-36245: Avoid problems when building in a directory containing spaces. (GH-12241) by Jess · 2 days ago