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  1. 4715039 bpo-33649: Add a high-level section about Futures; few quick fixes (GH-9403) by Yury Selivanov · 6 hours ago master
  2. a3c88ef Clarify that AsyncExitStack works with coroutine functions (GH-9405) by Nathaniel J. Smith · 6 hours ago
  3. 79d1c2e bpo-25711: Rewrite zipimport in pure Python. (GH-6809) by Serhiy Storchaka · 8 hours ago
  4. 4ba3b50 bpo-34472: Add data descriptor signature to zipfile (GH-8871) by Silas Sewell · 11 hours ago
  5. d0f49d2 bpo-34582: Adds JUnit XML output for regression tests (GH-9210) by Steve Dower · 12 hours ago
  6. cb5778f bpo-34623: Use XML_SetHashSalt in _elementtree (GH-9146) by Christian Heimes · 15 hours ago
  7. 0185f34 bpo-33721: Make some os.path functions and pathlib.Path methods be tolerant to invalid paths. (#7695) by Serhiy Storchaka · 19 hours ago
  8. 7bdf282 bpo-32455: Add jump parameter to dis.stack_effect(). (GH-6610) by Serhiy Storchaka · 21 hours ago
  9. b042cf1 bpo-33649: Fix markup; add another note that is 3.7+ (GH-9389) by Yury Selivanov · 21 hours ago
  10. e0c19dd bpo-34681: Rename class Pattern in sre_parse to State. (GH-9310) by Serhiy Storchaka · 22 hours ago
  11. 9c53fa6 Fix syntax error on Asyncio example in doc (GH-9387) by Miguel Ángel García · 22 hours ago
  12. 7bfbda4 Change "set_after" reference to `say_after`. (GH-9384) by Danny Hermes · 23 hours ago
  13. ac94e38 bpo-33649: Note that calls shutdown_asyncgens() (GH-9380) by Yury Selivanov · 24 hours ago
  14. dbdee00 bpo-34589: Add -X coerce_c_locale command line option (GH-9378) by Victor Stinner · 28 hours ago
  15. 7a0791b bpo-34589: C locale coercion off by default (GH-9073) by Victor Stinner · 28 hours ago
  16. 1fa2ec4 bpo-33649: A copy-editing pass on asyncio documentation (GH-9376) by Elvis Pranskevichus · 29 hours ago
  17. 3085534 bpo-33649: Add a hello world example to asyncio.rst (GH-9374) by Yury Selivanov · 29 hours ago
  18. 188ebfa bpo-34589: Make _PyCoreConfig.coerce_c_locale private (GH-9371) by Victor Stinner · 30 hours ago
  19. c62ab28 bpo-34717: Stop numbering stdlib titles/sections in the docs (GH-9370) by Yury Selivanov · 30 hours ago
  20. 6750922 bpo-34267: Update find_python.bat to use 3.7 if available (GH-8552) by Steve Dower · 30 hours ago