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  1. 49fdf11 bpo-36076: Add SNI support to ssl.get_server_certificate. (GH-16820) by juhovh · 5 hours ago master
  2. 2798f24 bpo-43641: Stop stating that TLS 1.2 is the most modern version in docs (GH-25041) by Illia Volochii · 9 hours ago
  3. aa6da32 bpo-43362: Fix invalid free and return check in _sha3 module (GH-25463) by Christian Heimes · 9 hours ago
  4. f5c5c0c Fix type group capture in the PEG highlight tool (GH-25464) by Pablo Galindo · 17 hours ago
  5. 0b1c169 bpo-38530: Cover more error paths in error suggestion functions (GH-25462) by Pablo Galindo · 18 hours ago
  6. 8bf274a Small changes to the section about SyntaxErrors in the 3.10 What's New document (GH-25461) by Pablo Galindo · 18 hours ago
  7. 6857198 bpo-37630: Do not skip the sha3 tests in case of missing builtin sha3 module (GH-20986) by stratakis · 19 hours ago
  8. 3ab4bea bpo-38530: Include builtins in NameError suggestions (GH-25460) by Pablo Galindo · 19 hours ago
  9. 7f1305e bpo-42333: Port _ssl extension to multiphase initialization (PEP 489) (GH-23253) by Christian Heimes · 22 hours ago
  10. 76beadb Fix typo in a dataclasses comment. (GH-25454) by Eric V. Smith · 26 hours ago
  11. b8d0fa0 bpo-43669: Remove OpenSSL 0.9 to 1.1.0 specific documentation (GH-25453) by Christian Heimes · 26 hours ago
  12. ea39f82 Fix a typo in subprocess documentation (GH-25426) by andrei kulakov · 30 hours ago
  13. 39258d3 bpo-43669: PEP 644: Require OpenSSL 1.1.1 or newer (GH-23014) by Christian Heimes · 30 hours ago
  14. b467d9a bpo-43522: Fix SSLContext.hostname_checks_common_name (GH-24899) by Christian Heimes · 32 hours ago
  15. cfaa2d3 Fix typo in exceptions.rst (GH-25434) by Ikko Ashimine · 33 hours ago
  16. adf24bd bpo-43856: Add a versionadded directive to the importlib.metadata docs (GH-25445) by Zackery Spytz · 2 days ago
  17. 7c29ae1 bpo-43867: multiprocessing Server catchs SystemExit (GH-25441) by Victor Stinner · 2 days ago
  18. 62ec638 bpo-43862: Enhance -W cmdline option documentation (GH-25439) by Victor Stinner · 2 days ago
  19. 0ad81d4 bpo-38530: Match exactly AttributeError and NameError when offering suggestions (GH-25443) by Pablo Galindo · 2 days ago
  20. 3b82cae bpo-38530: Properly extend UnboundLocalError from NameError (GH-25444) by Pablo Galindo · 2 days ago