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Python Misc subdirectory
This directory contains files that wouldn't fit in elsewhere. Some
documents are only of historic importance.
Files found here
ACKS Acknowledgements
HISTORY News from previous releases -- oldest last GNU indent profile approximating my C style
NEWS News for this release (for some meaning of "this")
Porting Mini-FAQ on porting to new platforms Python script template for python-config UNIX man page for the python interpreter Package configuration info template for pkg-config
README The file you're reading now
README.AIX Information about using Python on AIX
README.coverity Information about running Coverity's Prevent on Python
README.valgrind Information for Valgrind users, see valgrind-python.supp
SpecialBuilds.txt Describes extra symbols you can set for debug builds
svnmap.txt Map of old SVN revs and branches to hg changeset ids,
help history-digging
valgrind-python.supp Valgrind suppression file, see README.valgrind
vgrindefs Python configuration for vgrind (a generic pretty printer)