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Python Launcher for Windows Version %s
%s [launcher-args] [python-args] [script [script-args]]
Launcher arguments:
-2 : Launch the latest Python 2.x version
-3 : Launch the latest Python 3.x version
-X.Y : Launch the specified Python version
The above default to an architecture native runtime, but will select any
available. Add a "-32" to the argument to only launch 32-bit runtimes,
or add "-64" to omit 32-bit runtimes (this latter option is deprecated).
To select a specific runtime, use the -V: options.
-V:TAG : Launch a Python runtime with the specified tag
-V:COMPANY/TAG : Launch a Python runtime from the specified company and
with the specified tag
-0 --list : List the available pythons
-0p --list-paths : List with paths
If no options are given but a script is specified, the script is checked for a
shebang line. Otherwise, an active virtual environment or global default will
be selected.
See for
additional configuration.
The following help text is from Python: