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This directory contains a number of Python programs that are useful
while building or extending Python.
build Automatically generated directory by the build system
contain build artifacts and intermediate files.
buildbot Batchfiles for running on Windows buildbot workers.
c-analyzer Tools to check no new global variables have been added.
cases_generator Tooling to generate interpreters.
clinic A preprocessor for CPython C files in order to automate
the boilerplate involved with writing argument parsing
code for "builtins".
freeze Create a stand-alone executable from a Python program.
gdb Python code to be run inside gdb, to make it easier to
debug Python itself (by David Malcolm).
i18n Tools for internationalization.
parses Python source code and generates .pot files,
and generates a binary message catalog
from a catalog in text format.
importbench A set of micro-benchmarks for various import scenarios.
msi Support for packaging Python as an MSI package on Windows.
nuget Files for the NuGet package manager for .NET.
patchcheck Tools for checking and applying patches to the Python source code
and verifying the integrity of patch files.
peg_generator PEG-based parser generator (pegen) used for new parser.
scripts A number of useful single-file programs, e.g.
which runs the Python test suite.
ssl Scripts to generate ssl_data.h from OpenSSL sources, and run
tests against multiple installations of OpenSSL and LibreSSL.
tz A script to dump timezone from /usr/share/zoneinfo.
unicode Tools for generating unicodedata and codecs from
and other mapping files (by Fredrik Lundh, Marc-Andre Lemburg
and Martin von Loewis).
unittestgui A Tkinter based GUI test runner for unittest, with test
wasm Config and helpers to facilitate cross compilation of CPython
to WebAssembly (WASM).
Note: The pynche color editor has moved to