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/* Stuff to export relevant 'expat' entry points from pyexpat to other
* parser modules, such as cElementTree. */
/* note: you must import expat.h before importing this module! */
#define PyExpat_CAPI_MAGIC "pyexpat.expat_CAPI 1.1"
#define PyExpat_CAPSULE_NAME "pyexpat.expat_CAPI"
struct PyExpat_CAPI
char* magic; /* set to PyExpat_CAPI_MAGIC */
int size; /* set to sizeof(struct PyExpat_CAPI) */
/* pointers to selected expat functions. add new functions at
the end, if needed */
const XML_LChar * (*ErrorString)(enum XML_Error code);
enum XML_Error (*GetErrorCode)(XML_Parser parser);
XML_Size (*GetErrorColumnNumber)(XML_Parser parser);
XML_Size (*GetErrorLineNumber)(XML_Parser parser);
enum XML_Status (*Parse)(
XML_Parser parser, const char *s, int len, int isFinal);
XML_Parser (*ParserCreate_MM)(
const XML_Char *encoding, const XML_Memory_Handling_Suite *memsuite,
const XML_Char *namespaceSeparator);
void (*ParserFree)(XML_Parser parser);
void (*SetCharacterDataHandler)(
XML_Parser parser, XML_CharacterDataHandler handler);
void (*SetCommentHandler)(
XML_Parser parser, XML_CommentHandler handler);
void (*SetDefaultHandlerExpand)(
XML_Parser parser, XML_DefaultHandler handler);
void (*SetElementHandler)(
XML_Parser parser, XML_StartElementHandler start,
XML_EndElementHandler end);
void (*SetNamespaceDeclHandler)(
XML_Parser parser, XML_StartNamespaceDeclHandler start,
XML_EndNamespaceDeclHandler end);
void (*SetProcessingInstructionHandler)(
XML_Parser parser, XML_ProcessingInstructionHandler handler);
void (*SetUnknownEncodingHandler)(
XML_Parser parser, XML_UnknownEncodingHandler handler,
void *encodingHandlerData);
void (*SetUserData)(XML_Parser parser, void *userData);
void (*SetStartDoctypeDeclHandler)(XML_Parser parser,
XML_StartDoctypeDeclHandler start);
enum XML_Status (*SetEncoding)(XML_Parser parser, const XML_Char *encoding);
int (*DefaultUnknownEncodingHandler)(
void *encodingHandlerData, const XML_Char *name, XML_Encoding *info);
/* might be none for expat < 2.1.0 */
int (*SetHashSalt)(XML_Parser parser, unsigned long hash_salt);
/* always add new stuff to the end! */