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#ifndef Py_STRTOD_H
#define Py_STRTOD_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
PyAPI_FUNC(double) PyOS_string_to_double(const char *str,
char **endptr,
PyObject *overflow_exception);
/* The caller is responsible for calling PyMem_Free to free the buffer
that's is returned. */
PyAPI_FUNC(char *) PyOS_double_to_string(double val,
char format_code,
int precision,
int flags,
int *type);
#ifndef Py_LIMITED_API
PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject *) _Py_string_to_number_with_underscores(
const char *str, Py_ssize_t len, const char *what, PyObject *obj, void *arg,
PyObject *(*innerfunc)(const char *, Py_ssize_t, void *));
PyAPI_FUNC(double) _Py_parse_inf_or_nan(const char *p, char **endptr);
/* PyOS_double_to_string's "flags" parameter can be set to 0 or more of: */
#define Py_DTSF_SIGN 0x01 /* always add the sign */
#define Py_DTSF_ADD_DOT_0 0x02 /* if the result is an integer add ".0" */
#define Py_DTSF_ALT 0x04 /* "alternate" formatting. it's format_code
specific */
#define Py_DTSF_NO_NEG_0 0x08 /* negative zero result is coerced to 0 */
/* PyOS_double_to_string's "type", if non-NULL, will be set to one of: */
#define Py_DTST_FINITE 0
#define Py_DTST_INFINITE 1
#define Py_DTST_NAN 2
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* !Py_STRTOD_H */