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This file is not an actual template, but used to add some
texts in extensions to sphinx.pot file.
In extensions/
{% trans %}CPython implementation detail:{% endtrans %}
{% trans %}Deprecated since version {deprecated}, will be removed in version {removed}{% endtrans %}
{% trans %}Deprecated since version {deprecated}, removed in version {removed}{% endtrans %}
In extensions/
{% trans %}Return value: Always NULL.{% endtrans %}
{% trans %}Return value: New reference.{% endtrans %}
{% trans %}Return value: Borrowed reference.{% endtrans %}
In docsbuild-scripts, when rewriting indexsidebar.html with actual versions:
{% trans %}in development{% endtrans %}
{% trans %}pre-release{% endtrans %}
{% trans %}stable{% endtrans %}
{% trans %}security-fixes{% endtrans %}
{% trans %}EOL{% endtrans %}