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/* Module configuration */
/* This file contains the table of built-in modules.
See create_builtin() in import.c. */
#include "Python.h"
/* Define extern variables omitted from minimal builds */
void *PyWin_DLLhModule = NULL;
extern PyObject* PyInit_faulthandler(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit__tracemalloc(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit_gc(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit_nt(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit__signal(void);
#if defined(MS_WINDOWS_DESKTOP) || defined(MS_WINDOWS_SYSTEM) || defined(MS_WINDOWS_GAMES)
extern PyObject* PyInit_winreg(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit__ast(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit__io(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit_atexit(void);
extern PyObject* _PyWarnings_Init(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit__string(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit__tokenize(void);
extern PyObject* PyMarshal_Init(void);
extern PyObject* PyInit__imp(void);
struct _inittab _PyImport_Inittab[] = {
{"_ast", PyInit__ast},
{"faulthandler", PyInit_faulthandler},
{"gc", PyInit_gc},
{"nt", PyInit_nt}, /* Use the NT os functions, not posix */
{"_signal", PyInit__signal},
{"_tokenize", PyInit__tokenize},
{"_tracemalloc", PyInit__tracemalloc},
#if defined(MS_WINDOWS_DESKTOP) || defined(MS_WINDOWS_SYSTEM) || defined(MS_WINDOWS_GAMES)
{"winreg", PyInit_winreg},
/* This module "lives in" with marshal.c */
{"marshal", PyMarshal_Init},
/* This lives it with import.c */
{"_imp", PyInit__imp},
/* These entries are here for sys.builtin_module_names */
{"builtins", NULL},
{"sys", NULL},
{"_warnings", _PyWarnings_Init},
{"_string", PyInit__string},
{"_io", PyInit__io},
{"atexit", PyInit_atexit},
/* Sentinel */
{0, 0}