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typedef struct _typeobject {
const char *tp_name; /* For printing, in format "<module>.<name>" */
Py_ssize_t tp_basicsize, tp_itemsize; /* For allocation */
/* Methods to implement standard operations */
destructor tp_dealloc;
Py_ssize_t tp_vectorcall_offset;
getattrfunc tp_getattr;
setattrfunc tp_setattr;
PyAsyncMethods *tp_as_async; /* formerly known as tp_compare (Python 2)
or tp_reserved (Python 3) */
reprfunc tp_repr;
/* Method suites for standard classes */
PyNumberMethods *tp_as_number;
PySequenceMethods *tp_as_sequence;
PyMappingMethods *tp_as_mapping;
/* More standard operations (here for binary compatibility) */
hashfunc tp_hash;
ternaryfunc tp_call;
reprfunc tp_str;
getattrofunc tp_getattro;
setattrofunc tp_setattro;
/* Functions to access object as input/output buffer */
PyBufferProcs *tp_as_buffer;
/* Flags to define presence of optional/expanded features */
unsigned long tp_flags;
const char *tp_doc; /* Documentation string */
/* Assigned meaning in release 2.0 */
/* call function for all accessible objects */
traverseproc tp_traverse;
/* delete references to contained objects */
inquiry tp_clear;
/* Assigned meaning in release 2.1 */
/* rich comparisons */
richcmpfunc tp_richcompare;
/* weak reference enabler */
Py_ssize_t tp_weaklistoffset;
/* Iterators */
getiterfunc tp_iter;
iternextfunc tp_iternext;
/* Attribute descriptor and subclassing stuff */
struct PyMethodDef *tp_methods;
struct PyMemberDef *tp_members;
struct PyGetSetDef *tp_getset;
// Strong reference on a heap type, borrowed reference on a static type
struct _typeobject *tp_base;
PyObject *tp_dict;
descrgetfunc tp_descr_get;
descrsetfunc tp_descr_set;
Py_ssize_t tp_dictoffset;
initproc tp_init;
allocfunc tp_alloc;
newfunc tp_new;
freefunc tp_free; /* Low-level free-memory routine */
inquiry tp_is_gc; /* For PyObject_IS_GC */
PyObject *tp_bases;
PyObject *tp_mro; /* method resolution order */
PyObject *tp_cache;
PyObject *tp_subclasses;
PyObject *tp_weaklist;
destructor tp_del;
/* Type attribute cache version tag. Added in version 2.6 */
unsigned int tp_version_tag;
destructor tp_finalize;
vectorcallfunc tp_vectorcall;
/* bitset of which type-watchers care about this type */
char tp_watched;
} PyTypeObject;