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#ifndef Py_PARSER_H
#define Py_PARSER_H
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
/* Parser interface */
#define MAXSTACK 1700
typedef struct {
int s_state; /* State in current DFA */
const dfa *s_dfa; /* Current DFA */
struct _node *s_parent; /* Where to add next node */
} stackentry;
typedef struct {
stackentry *s_top; /* Top entry */
stackentry s_base[MAXSTACK];/* Array of stack entries */
/* NB The stack grows down */
} stack;
typedef struct {
stack p_stack; /* Stack of parser states */
grammar *p_grammar; /* Grammar to use */
node *p_tree; /* Top of parse tree */
unsigned long p_flags; /* see co_flags in Include/code.h */
} parser_state;
parser_state *PyParser_New(grammar *g, int start);
void PyParser_Delete(parser_state *ps);
int PyParser_AddToken(parser_state *ps, int type, char *str,
int lineno, int col_offset,
int end_lineno, int end_col_offset,
int *expected_ret);
void PyGrammar_AddAccelerators(grammar *g);
#define showtree _Py_showtree
#define printtree _Py_printtree
#define dumptree _Py_dumptree
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* !Py_PARSER_H */