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Easily use JSLint from the command line.

jslint bin/jslint.js

What's New

Version 0.2.5 of node-jslint provides multiple editions of jslint to address backwards and forwards compatibility.

Use the default jslint

jslint lib/color.js

Always use the latest jslint

jslint --edition=latest lib/color.js

Use a specific edition

For example, edition 2013-02-03 which shipped with node-jslint 0.1.9:

jslint --edition=2013-02-03 lib/color.js


npm install jslint -g


make lint

Usage examples

Multiple files

jslint lib/color.js lib/reporter.js

All JSLint options supported

jslint --white --vars --regexp lib/color.js

Defaults to true, but you can specify false

jslint --bitwise false lib/color.js

Pass arrays

jslint --predef $ --predef Backbone lib/color.js

JSLint your entire project

find . -name "*.js" -print0 | xargs -0 jslint

Using JSLint with a config file

Start with the included jslintrc.example file and customize your options 
per project or copy it to $HOME/.jslintrc to apply your setting globally


See LICENSE file.