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  1. e711f82 Improve heartbeat timer calculation by Michael Tuexen · 6 weeks ago master
  2. 4308e5e Use time_t where appropriate by Michael Tuexen · 6 weeks ago
  3. 45cf3ba Fix Coverity issues and minor cleanups by Michael Tuexen · 6 weeks ago
  4. afc561f SS_ISCONFIRMING has been retired in the FreeBSD kernel by Michael Tuexen · 7 weeks ago
  5. c4b52c3 Fix detection of sockaddr_conn.sconn_len when srcdir != objdir. (#701) by Jonathan Lennox · 9 weeks ago


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This is a userland SCTP stack supporting FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

See manual for more information.

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