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  1. 0f589e0 Fix a locking issue. by Michael Tuexen · 11 days ago master
  2. e74b845 Fix a MacOS NKE build issue. by Michael Tuexen · 11 days ago
  3. 04ecf91 Use nanosleep() instead of select() for sleeping by Michael Tuexen · 12 days ago
  4. 408aec3 Print timestamps for debug output (#306) by Felix Weinrank · 12 days ago
  5. bddb4b8 Merge pull request #305 from weinrank/buildbot-test-extension by Michael Tüxen · 3 weeks ago


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This is a userland SCTP stack supporting FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

See manual for more information.

The status of continuous integration testing is available from our Buildbot.