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// Copyright (c) 2012-2016 The go-diff authors. All rights reserved.
// See the included LICENSE file for license details.
// go-diff is a Go implementation of Google's Diff, Match, and Patch library
// Original library is Copyright (c) 2006 Google Inc.
// Package diffmatchpatch offers robust algorithms to perform the operations required for synchronizing plain text.
package diffmatchpatch
import (
// DiffMatchPatch holds the configuration for diff-match-patch operations.
type DiffMatchPatch struct {
// Number of seconds to map a diff before giving up (0 for infinity).
DiffTimeout time.Duration
// Cost of an empty edit operation in terms of edit characters.
DiffEditCost int
// How far to search for a match (0 = exact location, 1000+ = broad match). A match this many characters away from the expected location will add 1.0 to the score (0.0 is a perfect match).
MatchDistance int
// When deleting a large block of text (over ~64 characters), how close do the contents have to be to match the expected contents. (0.0 = perfection, 1.0 = very loose). Note that MatchThreshold controls how closely the end points of a delete need to match.
PatchDeleteThreshold float64
// Chunk size for context length.
PatchMargin int
// The number of bits in an int.
MatchMaxBits int
// At what point is no match declared (0.0 = perfection, 1.0 = very loose).
MatchThreshold float64
// New creates a new DiffMatchPatch object with default parameters.
func New() *DiffMatchPatch {
// Defaults.
return &DiffMatchPatch{
DiffTimeout: time.Second,
DiffEditCost: 4,
MatchThreshold: 0.5,
MatchDistance: 1000,
PatchDeleteThreshold: 0.5,
PatchMargin: 4,
MatchMaxBits: 32,