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  1. advapi32.go
  3. comctl32.go
  4. comdlg32.go
  5. constants.go
  6. dwmapi.go
  7. gdi32.go
  8. gdiplus.go
  9. idispatch.go
  10. istream.go
  11. iunknown.go
  12. kernel32.go
  14. ole32.go
  15. oleaut32.go
  16. opengl32.go
  17. psapi.go
  19. shell32.go
  20. typedef.go
  21. user32.go
  22. utils.go
  23. vars.go

About w32

w32 is a wrapper of windows apis for the Go Programming Language.

It wraps win32 apis to “Go style” to make them easier to use.


  1. Make sure you have a working Go installation and build environment, see this go-nuts post for details:

    Updated versions of the Windows Go build are available here:

  2. Create a “gopath” directory if you do not have one yet and set the GOPATH variable accordingly. For example: mkdir -p go-externals/src export GOPATH=${PWD}/go-externals

  3. go get

  4. go install


Contributions in form of design, code, documentation, bug reporting or other ways you see fit are very welcome.

Thank You!