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Release v\ |version|.
This first example shows how simple the API can be when using for a one-off
item in a script or elsewhere.
.. code-block:: python
from requests import get
from uritemplate import expand
uri = '{/user}'
user = get(expand(uri, user='sigmavirus24')).json()
This second example shows how using the class will save you time for template
parsing and object creation. Making the template once means the URI is parsed
once which decreases the number of :class:`URITemplate
<uritemplate.URITemplate>` objects created and usage of the ``re`` module.
This means that as soon as the file is parsed, the ``User.github_url`` and
``Repository.github_url`` variables are made once and only once. They're then
usable in every instance of those classes.
.. code-block:: python
from uritemplate import URITemplate
class User(object):
github_url = URITemplate('{/user}')
def __init__(self, name):
self.uri = self.github_url.expand({'user': name}) = name
class Repository(object):
github_url = URITemplate('{/user}{/repo}')
def __init__(self, name):
self.uri = self.github_url.expand(
dict(zip(['user', 'repo'], name.split('/')))
) = name
.. module:: uritemplate
.. autofunction:: uritemplate.expand
.. autofunction:: uritemplate.partial
.. autofunction:: uritemplate.variables
.. autoclass:: uritemplate.URITemplate
Implementation Details
Classes, their methods, and functions in this section are not part of the API
and as such are not meant to be used by users of ````. These are
documented here purely for reference as they are inadvertently exposed via the
public API.
For example::
t = URITemplate('{/user}')
# => [URIVariable(/user)]
Users can interact with :class:`URIVariable` objects as they see fit, but
their API may change and are not guaranteed to be consistent across versions.
Code relying on methods defined on :class:`URIVariable` and other classes,
methods, and functions in this section may break in future releases.
.. autoclass:: uritemplate.template.URIVariable
:members: expand