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# Makefile for SQLITE
# This makefile is suppose to be configured automatically using the
# autoconf. But if that does not work for you, you can configure
# the makefile manually. Just set the parameters below to values that
# work well for your system.
# If the configure script does not work out-of-the-box, you might
# be able to get it to work by giving it some hints. See the comment
# at the beginning of for additional information.
# The toplevel directory of the source tree. This is the directory
# that contains this "" and the "" script.
TOP = @abs_srcdir@
# C Compiler and options for use in building executables that
# will run on the platform that is doing the build.
# TCC is the C Compile and options for use in building executables that
# will run on the target platform. (BCC and TCC are usually the
# same unless your are cross-compiling.) Separate CC and CFLAGS macros
# are provide so that these aspects of the build process can be changed
# on the "make" command-line. Ex: "make CC=clang CFLAGS=-fsanitize=undefined"
CC = @CC@
TCC = ${CC} ${CFLAGS} -I. -I${TOP}/src -I${TOP}/ext/rtree -I${TOP}/ext/icu
TCC += -I${TOP}/ext/fts3 -I${TOP}/ext/async -I${TOP}/ext/session
TCC += -I${TOP}/ext/userauth
# Define this for the autoconf-based build, so that the code knows it can
# include the generated config.h
# Define -DNDEBUG to compile without debugging (i.e., for production usage)
# Omitting the define will cause extra debugging code to be inserted and
# includes extra comments when "EXPLAIN stmt" is used.
# Compiler options needed for programs that use the TCL library.
# The library that programs using TCL must link against.
# Compiler options needed for programs that use the readline() library.
# The library that programs using readline() must link against.
# Should the database engine be compiled threadsafe
# Any target libraries which libsqlite must be linked against
# Flags controlling use of the in memory btree implementation
# SQLITE_TEMP_STORE is 0 to force temporary tables to be in a file, 1 to
# default to file, 2 to default to memory, and 3 to force temporary
# tables to always be in memory.
# Enable/disable loadable extensions, and other optional features
# based on configuration. (-DSQLITE_OMIT*, -DSQLITE_ENABLE*).
# The same set of OMIT and ENABLE flags should be passed to the
# LEMON parser generator and the mkkeywordhash tool as well.
# Add in any optional parameters specified on the make commane line
TCC += $(OPTS)
# Add in compile-time options for some libraries used by extensions
# Version numbers and release number for the SQLite being compiled.
# Filename extensions
# The following variable is "1" if the configure script was able to locate
# the file. It is an empty string otherwise. When this
# variable is "1", the TCL extension library ( is built
# and installed.
# This is the command to use for tclsh - normally just "tclsh", but we may
# know the specific version we want to use
# Where do we want to install the tcl plugin
# The suffix used on shared libraries. Ex: ".dll", ".so", ".dylib"
# If gcov support was enabled by the configure script, add the appropriate
# flags here. It's not always as easy as just having the user add the right
# CFLAGS / LDFLAGS, because libtool wants to use CFLAGS when linking, which
# causes build errors with -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage with some GCCs.
# Supposedly GCC does the right thing if you use --coverage, but in
# practice it still fails. See:
# for more info.
GCOV_CFLAGS1 = -DSQLITE_COVERAGE_TEST=1 -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage
GCOV_LDFLAGS1 = -lgcov
# The directory into which to store package information for
# Some standard variables and programs
prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@
libdir = @libdir@
pkgconfigdir = $(libdir)/pkgconfig
bindir = @bindir@
includedir = @includedir@
LIBTOOL = ./libtool
# libtool compile/link/install
LTCOMPILE = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=compile --tag=CC $(TCC) $(LTCOMPILE_EXTRAS)
LTINSTALL = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=install $(INSTALL)
# You should not have to change anything below this line
# Object files for the SQLite library (non-amalgamation).
LIBOBJS0 = alter.lo analyze.lo attach.lo auth.lo \
backup.lo bitvec.lo btmutex.lo btree.lo build.lo \
callback.lo complete.lo ctime.lo \
date.lo dbpage.lo dbstat.lo delete.lo \
expr.lo fault.lo fkey.lo \
fts3.lo fts3_aux.lo fts3_expr.lo fts3_hash.lo fts3_icu.lo \
fts3_porter.lo fts3_snippet.lo fts3_tokenizer.lo fts3_tokenizer1.lo \
fts3_tokenize_vtab.lo \
fts3_unicode.lo fts3_unicode2.lo fts3_write.lo \
fts5.lo \
func.lo global.lo hash.lo \
icu.lo insert.lo json1.lo legacy.lo loadext.lo \
main.lo malloc.lo mem0.lo mem1.lo mem2.lo mem3.lo mem5.lo \
memdb.lo memjournal.lo \
mutex.lo mutex_noop.lo mutex_unix.lo mutex_w32.lo \
notify.lo opcodes.lo os.lo os_unix.lo os_win.lo \
pager.lo parse.lo pcache.lo pcache1.lo pragma.lo prepare.lo printf.lo \
random.lo resolve.lo rowset.lo rtree.lo \
sqlite3session.lo select.lo sqlite3rbu.lo status.lo stmt.lo \
table.lo threads.lo tokenize.lo treeview.lo trigger.lo \
update.lo userauth.lo upsert.lo util.lo vacuum.lo \
vdbe.lo vdbeapi.lo vdbeaux.lo vdbeblob.lo vdbemem.lo vdbesort.lo \
vdbetrace.lo wal.lo walker.lo where.lo wherecode.lo whereexpr.lo \
window.lo utf.lo vtab.lo
# Object files for the amalgamation.
LIBOBJS1 = sqlite3.lo
# Determine the real value of LIBOBJ based on the 'configure' script
# All of the source code files.
SRC = \
$(TOP)/src/alter.c \
$(TOP)/src/analyze.c \
$(TOP)/src/attach.c \
$(TOP)/src/auth.c \
$(TOP)/src/backup.c \
$(TOP)/src/bitvec.c \
$(TOP)/src/btmutex.c \
$(TOP)/src/btree.c \
$(TOP)/src/btree.h \
$(TOP)/src/btreeInt.h \
$(TOP)/src/build.c \
$(TOP)/src/callback.c \
$(TOP)/src/complete.c \
$(TOP)/src/ctime.c \
$(TOP)/src/date.c \
$(TOP)/src/dbpage.c \
$(TOP)/src/dbstat.c \
$(TOP)/src/delete.c \
$(TOP)/src/expr.c \
$(TOP)/src/fault.c \
$(TOP)/src/fkey.c \
$(TOP)/src/func.c \
$(TOP)/src/global.c \
$(TOP)/src/hash.c \
$(TOP)/src/hash.h \
$(TOP)/src/hwtime.h \
$(TOP)/src/insert.c \
$(TOP)/src/legacy.c \
$(TOP)/src/loadext.c \
$(TOP)/src/main.c \
$(TOP)/src/malloc.c \
$(TOP)/src/mem0.c \
$(TOP)/src/mem1.c \
$(TOP)/src/mem2.c \
$(TOP)/src/mem3.c \
$(TOP)/src/mem5.c \
$(TOP)/src/memdb.c \
$(TOP)/src/memjournal.c \
$(TOP)/src/msvc.h \
$(TOP)/src/mutex.c \
$(TOP)/src/mutex.h \
$(TOP)/src/mutex_noop.c \
$(TOP)/src/mutex_unix.c \
$(TOP)/src/mutex_w32.c \
$(TOP)/src/notify.c \
$(TOP)/src/os.c \
$(TOP)/src/os.h \
$(TOP)/src/os_common.h \
$(TOP)/src/os_setup.h \
$(TOP)/src/os_unix.c \
$(TOP)/src/os_win.c \
$(TOP)/src/os_win.h \
$(TOP)/src/pager.c \
$(TOP)/src/pager.h \
$(TOP)/src/parse.y \
$(TOP)/src/pcache.c \
$(TOP)/src/pcache.h \
$(TOP)/src/pcache1.c \
$(TOP)/src/pragma.c \
$(TOP)/src/pragma.h \
$(TOP)/src/prepare.c \
$(TOP)/src/printf.c \
$(TOP)/src/random.c \
$(TOP)/src/resolve.c \
$(TOP)/src/rowset.c \
$(TOP)/src/select.c \
$(TOP)/src/status.c \
$(TOP)/src/ \
$(TOP)/src/ \
$(TOP)/src/sqlite3ext.h \
$(TOP)/src/sqliteInt.h \
$(TOP)/src/sqliteLimit.h \
$(TOP)/src/table.c \
$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c \
$(TOP)/src/threads.c \
$(TOP)/src/tokenize.c \
$(TOP)/src/treeview.c \
$(TOP)/src/trigger.c \
$(TOP)/src/utf.c \
$(TOP)/src/update.c \
$(TOP)/src/upsert.c \
$(TOP)/src/util.c \
$(TOP)/src/vacuum.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbe.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbe.h \
$(TOP)/src/vdbeapi.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbeblob.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbemem.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbesort.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbetrace.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbeInt.h \
$(TOP)/src/vtab.c \
$(TOP)/src/vxworks.h \
$(TOP)/src/wal.c \
$(TOP)/src/wal.h \
$(TOP)/src/walker.c \
$(TOP)/src/where.c \
$(TOP)/src/wherecode.c \
$(TOP)/src/whereexpr.c \
$(TOP)/src/whereInt.h \
# Source code for extensions
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/fts1/fts1.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts1/fts1.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts1/fts1_hash.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts1/fts1_hash.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts1/fts1_porter.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts1/fts1_tokenizer.h \
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_hash.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_hash.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_icu.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_porter.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer.c \
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3Int.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_aux.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_expr.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_hash.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_hash.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_icu.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_porter.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_snippet.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer1.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenize_vtab.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_unicode.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_unicode2.c \
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/icu/sqliteicu.h \
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/rtree/rtree.h \
$(TOP)/ext/rtree/rtree.c \
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/session/sqlite3session.c \
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/userauth/userauth.c \
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/rbu/sqlite3rbu.h \
SRC += \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/json1.c \
# Generated source code files
SRC += \
keywordhash.h \
opcodes.c \
opcodes.h \
parse.c \
parse.h \
config.h \
shell.c \
# Source code to the test files.
$(TOP)/src/test1.c \
$(TOP)/src/test2.c \
$(TOP)/src/test3.c \
$(TOP)/src/test4.c \
$(TOP)/src/test5.c \
$(TOP)/src/test6.c \
$(TOP)/src/test7.c \
$(TOP)/src/test8.c \
$(TOP)/src/test9.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_autoext.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_async.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_backup.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_bestindex.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_blob.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_btree.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_config.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_delete.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_demovfs.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_devsym.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_fs.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_func.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_hexio.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_init.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_intarray.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_journal.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_malloc.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_md5.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_multiplex.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_mutex.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_onefile.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_osinst.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_pcache.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_quota.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_rtree.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_schema.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_server.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_superlock.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_syscall.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_tclsh.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_tclvar.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_thread.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_vdbecov.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_vfs.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_windirent.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_window.c \
$(TOP)/src/test_wsd.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_term.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_test.c \
$(TOP)/ext/session/test_session.c \
# Statically linked extensions
$(TOP)/ext/expert/sqlite3expert.c \
$(TOP)/ext/expert/test_expert.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/amatch.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/carray.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/closure.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/csv.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/eval.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/explain.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/fileio.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/fuzzer.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_tcl.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_test_mi.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_test_tok.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/ieee754.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/mmapwarm.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/nextchar.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/normalize.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/percentile.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/prefixes.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/regexp.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/remember.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/series.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/spellfix.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/totype.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/unionvtab.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/wholenumber.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/zipfile.c \
# Source code to the library files needed by the test fixture
$(TOP)/src/attach.c \
$(TOP)/src/backup.c \
$(TOP)/src/bitvec.c \
$(TOP)/src/btree.c \
$(TOP)/src/build.c \
$(TOP)/src/ctime.c \
$(TOP)/src/date.c \
$(TOP)/src/dbpage.c \
$(TOP)/src/dbstat.c \
$(TOP)/src/expr.c \
$(TOP)/src/func.c \
$(TOP)/src/global.c \
$(TOP)/src/insert.c \
$(TOP)/src/wal.c \
$(TOP)/src/main.c \
$(TOP)/src/mem5.c \
$(TOP)/src/os.c \
$(TOP)/src/os_unix.c \
$(TOP)/src/os_win.c \
$(TOP)/src/pager.c \
$(TOP)/src/pragma.c \
$(TOP)/src/prepare.c \
$(TOP)/src/printf.c \
$(TOP)/src/random.c \
$(TOP)/src/pcache.c \
$(TOP)/src/pcache1.c \
$(TOP)/src/select.c \
$(TOP)/src/tokenize.c \
$(TOP)/src/utf.c \
$(TOP)/src/util.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbeapi.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbe.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbemem.c \
$(TOP)/src/vdbetrace.c \
$(TOP)/src/where.c \
$(TOP)/src/wherecode.c \
$(TOP)/src/whereexpr.c \
$(TOP)/src/window.c \
parse.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_aux.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_expr.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_term.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_write.c \
$(TOP)/ext/async/sqlite3async.c \
$(TOP)/ext/session/sqlite3session.c \
# Header files used by all library source files.
HDR = \
$(TOP)/src/btree.h \
$(TOP)/src/btreeInt.h \
$(TOP)/src/hash.h \
$(TOP)/src/hwtime.h \
keywordhash.h \
$(TOP)/src/msvc.h \
$(TOP)/src/mutex.h \
opcodes.h \
$(TOP)/src/os.h \
$(TOP)/src/os_common.h \
$(TOP)/src/os_setup.h \
$(TOP)/src/os_win.h \
$(TOP)/src/pager.h \
$(TOP)/src/pcache.h \
parse.h \
$(TOP)/src/pragma.h \
sqlite3.h \
$(TOP)/src/sqlite3ext.h \
$(TOP)/src/sqliteInt.h \
$(TOP)/src/sqliteLimit.h \
$(TOP)/src/vdbe.h \
$(TOP)/src/vdbeInt.h \
$(TOP)/src/vxworks.h \
$(TOP)/src/whereInt.h \
# Header files used by extensions
$(TOP)/ext/fts1/fts1.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts1/fts1_hash.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_hash.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3Int.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_hash.h \
$(TOP)/ext/rtree/rtree.h \
# executables needed for testing
testfixture$(TEXE) \
sqlite3$(TEXE) \
sqlite3_analyzer$(TEXE) \
sqldiff$(TEXE) \
dbhash$(TEXE) \
# Databases containing fuzzer test cases
$(TOP)/test/fuzzdata1.db \
$(TOP)/test/fuzzdata2.db \
$(TOP)/test/fuzzdata3.db \
$(TOP)/test/fuzzdata4.db \
$(TOP)/test/fuzzdata5.db \
$(TOP)/test/fuzzdata6.db \
$(TOP)/test/fuzzdata7.db \
# Standard options to testfixture
TESTOPTS = --verbose=file --output=test-out.txt
# Extra compiler options for various shell tools
FUZZCHECK_SRC = $(TOP)/test/fuzzcheck.c $(TOP)/test/ossfuzz.c
# This is the default Makefile target. The objects listed here
# are what get build when you type just "make" with no arguments.
all: sqlite3.h sqlite3$(TEXE) $(
Makefile: $(TOP)/
sqlite3.pc: $(TOP)/
./config.status $(LIBOBJ)
$(LTLINK) -no-undefined -o $@ $(LIBOBJ) $(TLIBS) \
${ALLOWRELEASE} -rpath "$(libdir)" -version-info "8:6:8" tclsqlite.lo
$(LTLINK) -no-undefined -o $@ tclsqlite.lo \ @TCL_STUB_LIB_SPEC@ $(TLIBS) \
-rpath "$(TCLLIBDIR)" \
-version-info "8:6:8" \
sqlite3$(TEXE): shell.c sqlite3.c
shell.c sqlite3.c \
$(LIBREADLINE) $(TLIBS) -rpath "$(libdir)"
sqldiff$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/sqldiff.c sqlite3.lo sqlite3.h
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/sqldiff.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
dbhash$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/dbhash.c sqlite3.lo sqlite3.h
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/dbhash.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
scrub$(TEXE): $(TOP)/ext/misc/scrub.c sqlite3.lo
$(TOP)/ext/misc/scrub.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
srcck1$(BEXE): $(TOP)/tool/srcck1.c
$(BCC) -o srcck1$(BEXE) $(TOP)/tool/srcck1.c
sourcetest: srcck1$(BEXE) sqlite3.c
./srcck1 sqlite3.c
fuzzershell$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/fuzzershell.c sqlite3.c sqlite3.h
$(TOP)/tool/fuzzershell.c sqlite3.c $(TLIBS)
fuzzcheck$(TEXE): $(FUZZCHECK_SRC) sqlite3.c sqlite3.h
ossshell$(TEXE): $(TOP)/test/ossfuzz.c $(TOP)/test/ossshell.c sqlite3.c sqlite3.h
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(FUZZCHECK_OPT) $(TOP)/test/ossshell.c \
$(TOP)/test/ossfuzz.c sqlite3.c $(TLIBS)
sessionfuzz$(TEXE): $(TOP)/test/sessionfuzz.c sqlite3.c sqlite3.h
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/test/sessionfuzz.c $(TLIBS)
dbfuzz$(TEXE): $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz.c sqlite3.c sqlite3.h
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(DBFUZZ_OPT) $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz.c sqlite3.c $(TLIBS)
dbfuzz2$(TEXE): $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2.c sqlite3.c sqlite3.h
$(CC) $(OPT_FEATURE_FLAGS) $(OPTS) -I. -g -O0 \
-DSTANDALONE -o dbfuzz2 \
$(DBFUZZ2_OPTS) $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2.c sqlite3.c $(TLIBS)
mkdir -p dbfuzz2-dir
cp $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2-seed* dbfuzz2-dir
dbfuzz2-asan: $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2.c sqlite3.c sqlite3.h
clang-6.0 $(OPT_FEATURE_FLAGS) $(OPTS) -I. -g -O0 \
-fsanitize=fuzzer,undefined,address -o dbfuzz2-asan \
$(DBFUZZ2_OPTS) $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2.c sqlite3.c $(TLIBS)
mkdir -p dbfuzz2-dir
cp $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2-seed* dbfuzz2-dir
dbfuzz2-msan: $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2.c sqlite3.c sqlite3.h
clang-6.0 $(OPT_FEATURE_FLAGS) $(OPTS) -I. -g -O0 \
-fsanitize=fuzzer,undefined,memory -o dbfuzz2-msan \
$(DBFUZZ2_OPTS) $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2.c sqlite3.c $(TLIBS)
mkdir -p dbfuzz2-dir
cp $(TOP)/test/dbfuzz2-seed* dbfuzz2-dir
mptester$(TEXE): sqlite3.lo $(TOP)/mptest/mptest.c
$(LTLINK) -o $@ -I. $(TOP)/mptest/mptest.c sqlite3.lo \
$(TLIBS) -rpath "$(libdir)"
MPTEST1=./mptester$(TEXE) mptest.db $(TOP)/mptest/crash01.test --repeat 20
MPTEST2=./mptester$(TEXE) mptest.db $(TOP)/mptest/multiwrite01.test --repeat 20
mptest: mptester$(TEXE)
rm -f mptest.db
$(MPTEST1) --journalmode DELETE
$(MPTEST2) --journalmode WAL
$(MPTEST1) --journalmode WAL
$(MPTEST2) --journalmode PERSIST
$(MPTEST1) --journalmode PERSIST
$(MPTEST2) --journalmode TRUNCATE
$(MPTEST1) --journalmode TRUNCATE
$(MPTEST2) --journalmode DELETE
# This target creates a directory named "tsrc" and fills it with
# copies of all of the C source code and header files needed to
# build on the target system. Some of the C source code and header
# files are automatically generated. This target takes care of
# all that automatic generation.
.target_source: $(SRC) $(TOP)/tool/vdbe-compress.tcl fts5.c
rm -rf tsrc
mkdir tsrc
cp -f $(SRC) tsrc
rm tsrc/ tsrc/parse.y
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/vdbe-compress.tcl $(OPTS) <tsrc/vdbe.c >
mv tsrc/vdbe.c
cp fts5.c fts5.h tsrc
touch .target_source
sqlite3.c: .target_source $(TOP)/tool/mksqlite3c.tcl
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/mksqlite3c.tcl
cp tsrc/sqlite3ext.h .
cp $(TOP)/ext/session/sqlite3session.h .
sqlite3ext.h: .target_source
cp tsrc/sqlite3ext.h .
tclsqlite3.c: sqlite3.c
echo '#ifndef USE_SYSTEM_SQLITE' >tclsqlite3.c
cat sqlite3.c >>tclsqlite3.c
echo '#endif /* USE_SYSTEM_SQLITE */' >>tclsqlite3.c
cat $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c >>tclsqlite3.c
sqlite3-all.c: sqlite3.c $(TOP)/tool/split-sqlite3c.tcl
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/split-sqlite3c.tcl
# Rule to build the amalgamation
sqlite3.lo: sqlite3.c
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c sqlite3.c
# Rules to build the LEMON compiler generator
lemon$(BEXE): $(TOP)/tool/lemon.c $(TOP)/tool/lempar.c
$(BCC) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/lemon.c
cp $(TOP)/tool/lempar.c .
# Rules to build the program that generates the source-id
mksourceid$(BEXE): $(TOP)/tool/mksourceid.c
$(BCC) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/mksourceid.c
# Rules to build individual *.o files from generated *.c files. This
# applies to:
# parse.o
# opcodes.o
parse.lo: parse.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c parse.c
opcodes.lo: opcodes.c
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c opcodes.c
# Rules to build individual *.o files from files in the src directory.
alter.lo: $(TOP)/src/alter.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/alter.c
analyze.lo: $(TOP)/src/analyze.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/analyze.c
attach.lo: $(TOP)/src/attach.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/attach.c
auth.lo: $(TOP)/src/auth.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/auth.c
backup.lo: $(TOP)/src/backup.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/backup.c
bitvec.lo: $(TOP)/src/bitvec.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/bitvec.c
btmutex.lo: $(TOP)/src/btmutex.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/btmutex.c
btree.lo: $(TOP)/src/btree.c $(HDR) $(TOP)/src/pager.h
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/btree.c
build.lo: $(TOP)/src/build.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/build.c
callback.lo: $(TOP)/src/callback.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/callback.c
complete.lo: $(TOP)/src/complete.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/complete.c
ctime.lo: $(TOP)/src/ctime.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/ctime.c
date.lo: $(TOP)/src/date.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/date.c
dbpage.lo: $(TOP)/src/dbpage.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/dbpage.c
dbstat.lo: $(TOP)/src/dbstat.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/dbstat.c
delete.lo: $(TOP)/src/delete.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/delete.c
expr.lo: $(TOP)/src/expr.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/expr.c
fault.lo: $(TOP)/src/fault.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/fault.c
fkey.lo: $(TOP)/src/fkey.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/fkey.c
func.lo: $(TOP)/src/func.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/func.c
global.lo: $(TOP)/src/global.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/global.c
hash.lo: $(TOP)/src/hash.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/hash.c
insert.lo: $(TOP)/src/insert.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/insert.c
legacy.lo: $(TOP)/src/legacy.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/legacy.c
loadext.lo: $(TOP)/src/loadext.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/loadext.c
main.lo: $(TOP)/src/main.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/main.c
malloc.lo: $(TOP)/src/malloc.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/malloc.c
mem0.lo: $(TOP)/src/mem0.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mem0.c
mem1.lo: $(TOP)/src/mem1.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mem1.c
mem2.lo: $(TOP)/src/mem2.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mem2.c
mem3.lo: $(TOP)/src/mem3.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mem3.c
mem5.lo: $(TOP)/src/mem5.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mem5.c
memdb.lo: $(TOP)/src/memdb.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/memdb.c
memjournal.lo: $(TOP)/src/memjournal.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/memjournal.c
mutex.lo: $(TOP)/src/mutex.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mutex.c
mutex_noop.lo: $(TOP)/src/mutex_noop.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mutex_noop.c
mutex_unix.lo: $(TOP)/src/mutex_unix.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mutex_unix.c
mutex_w32.lo: $(TOP)/src/mutex_w32.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/mutex_w32.c
notify.lo: $(TOP)/src/notify.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/notify.c
pager.lo: $(TOP)/src/pager.c $(HDR) $(TOP)/src/pager.h
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/pager.c
pcache.lo: $(TOP)/src/pcache.c $(HDR) $(TOP)/src/pcache.h
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/pcache.c
pcache1.lo: $(TOP)/src/pcache1.c $(HDR) $(TOP)/src/pcache.h
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/pcache1.c
os.lo: $(TOP)/src/os.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/os.c
os_unix.lo: $(TOP)/src/os_unix.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/os_unix.c
os_win.lo: $(TOP)/src/os_win.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/os_win.c
pragma.lo: $(TOP)/src/pragma.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/pragma.c
prepare.lo: $(TOP)/src/prepare.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/prepare.c
printf.lo: $(TOP)/src/printf.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/printf.c
random.lo: $(TOP)/src/random.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/random.c
resolve.lo: $(TOP)/src/resolve.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/resolve.c
rowset.lo: $(TOP)/src/rowset.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/rowset.c
select.lo: $(TOP)/src/select.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/select.c
status.lo: $(TOP)/src/status.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/status.c
table.lo: $(TOP)/src/table.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/table.c
threads.lo: $(TOP)/src/threads.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/threads.c
tokenize.lo: $(TOP)/src/tokenize.c keywordhash.h $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/tokenize.c
treeview.lo: $(TOP)/src/treeview.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/treeview.c
trigger.lo: $(TOP)/src/trigger.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/trigger.c
update.lo: $(TOP)/src/update.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/update.c
upsert.lo: $(TOP)/src/upsert.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/upsert.c
utf.lo: $(TOP)/src/utf.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/utf.c
util.lo: $(TOP)/src/util.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/util.c
vacuum.lo: $(TOP)/src/vacuum.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vacuum.c
vdbe.lo: $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c
vdbeapi.lo: $(TOP)/src/vdbeapi.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbeapi.c
vdbeaux.lo: $(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbeaux.c
vdbeblob.lo: $(TOP)/src/vdbeblob.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbeblob.c
vdbemem.lo: $(TOP)/src/vdbemem.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbemem.c
vdbesort.lo: $(TOP)/src/vdbesort.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbesort.c
vdbetrace.lo: $(TOP)/src/vdbetrace.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vdbetrace.c
vtab.lo: $(TOP)/src/vtab.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/vtab.c
wal.lo: $(TOP)/src/wal.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/wal.c
walker.lo: $(TOP)/src/walker.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/walker.c
where.lo: $(TOP)/src/where.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/where.c
wherecode.lo: $(TOP)/src/wherecode.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/wherecode.c
whereexpr.lo: $(TOP)/src/whereexpr.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/whereexpr.c
window.lo: $(TOP)/src/window.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) $(TEMP_STORE) -c $(TOP)/src/window.c
tclsqlite.lo: $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DUSE_TCL_STUBS=1 -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
tclsqlite-shell.lo: $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DTCLSH -o $@ -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
tclsqlite-stubs.lo: $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(HDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DUSE_TCL_STUBS=1 -o $@ -c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
tclsqlite3$(TEXE): tclsqlite-shell.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ tclsqlite-shell.lo \ $(LIBTCL)
# Rules to build opcodes.c and opcodes.h
opcodes.c: opcodes.h $(TOP)/tool/mkopcodec.tcl
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/mkopcodec.tcl opcodes.h >opcodes.c
opcodes.h: parse.h $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c $(TOP)/tool/mkopcodeh.tcl
cat parse.h $(TOP)/src/vdbe.c | $(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/mkopcodeh.tcl >opcodes.h
# Rules to build parse.c and parse.h - the outputs of lemon.
parse.h: parse.c
parse.c: $(TOP)/src/parse.y lemon$(BEXE)
cp $(TOP)/src/parse.y .
./lemon$(BEXE) $(OPT_FEATURE_FLAGS) $(OPTS) parse.y
sqlite3.h: $(TOP)/src/ $(TOP)/manifest mksourceid$(BEXE) $(TOP)/VERSION
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/mksqlite3h.tcl $(TOP) >sqlite3.h
keywordhash.h: $(TOP)/tool/mkkeywordhash.c
$(BCC) -o mkkeywordhash$(BEXE) $(OPT_FEATURE_FLAGS) $(OPTS) $(TOP)/tool/mkkeywordhash.c
./mkkeywordhash$(BEXE) >keywordhash.h
# Source files that go into making shell.c
$(TOP)/src/ \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/appendvfs.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/shathree.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/fileio.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/completion.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/sqlar.c \
$(TOP)/ext/expert/sqlite3expert.c \
$(TOP)/ext/expert/sqlite3expert.h \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/zipfile.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/memtrace.c \
shell.c: $(SHELL_SRC) $(TOP)/tool/mkshellc.tcl
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/mkshellc.tcl >shell.c
# Rules to build the extension objects.
icu.lo: $(TOP)/ext/icu/icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/icu/icu.c
fts2.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2.c
fts2_hash.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_hash.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_hash.c
fts2_icu.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_icu.c
fts2_porter.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_porter.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_porter.c
fts2_tokenizer.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer.c
fts2_tokenizer1.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer1.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts2/fts2_tokenizer1.c
fts3.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3.c
fts3_aux.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_aux.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_aux.c
fts3_expr.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_expr.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_expr.c
fts3_hash.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_hash.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_hash.c
fts3_icu.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_icu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_icu.c
fts3_porter.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_porter.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_porter.c
fts3_snippet.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_snippet.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_snippet.c
fts3_tokenizer.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer.c
fts3_tokenizer1.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer1.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenizer1.c
fts3_tokenize_vtab.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenize_vtab.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_tokenize_vtab.c
fts3_unicode.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_unicode.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_unicode.c
fts3_unicode2.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_unicode2.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_unicode2.c
fts3_write.lo: $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_write.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/fts3/fts3_write.c
rtree.lo: $(TOP)/ext/rtree/rtree.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/rtree/rtree.c
userauth.lo: $(TOP)/ext/userauth/userauth.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/userauth/userauth.c
sqlite3session.lo: $(TOP)/ext/session/sqlite3session.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/session/sqlite3session.c
json1.lo: $(TOP)/ext/misc/json1.c
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/misc/json1.c
stmt.lo: $(TOP)/ext/misc/stmt.c
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/misc/stmt.c
# FTS5 things
FTS5_SRC = \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5Int.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_aux.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_buffer.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_main.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_config.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_expr.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_hash.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_index.c \
fts5parse.c fts5parse.h \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_storage.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_tokenize.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_unicode2.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_varint.c \
$(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5_vocab.c \
fts5parse.c: $(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5parse.y lemon
cp $(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5parse.y .
rm -f fts5parse.h
./lemon$(BEXE) $(OPTS) fts5parse.y
fts5parse.h: fts5parse.c
fts5.c: $(FTS5_SRC)
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/ext/fts5/tool/mkfts5c.tcl
cp $(TOP)/ext/fts5/fts5.h .
fts5.lo: fts5.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
sqlite3rbu.lo: $(TOP)/ext/rbu/sqlite3rbu.c $(HDR) $(EXTHDR)
$(LTCOMPILE) -DSQLITE_CORE -c $(TOP)/ext/rbu/sqlite3rbu.c
# Rules to build the 'testfixture' application.
# If using the amalgamation, use sqlite3.c directly to build the test
# fixture. Otherwise link against (This distinction is
# necessary because the test fixture requires non-API symbols which are
# hidden when the library is built via the amalgamation).
TESTFIXTURE_SRC1 = sqlite3.c
TESTFIXTURE_SRC = $(TESTSRC) $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c
testfixture$(TEXE): $(TESTFIXTURE_SRC)
coretestprogs: $(TESTPROGS)
testprogs: coretestprogs srcck1$(BEXE) fuzzcheck$(TEXE) sessionfuzz$(TEXE)
# A very detailed test running most or all test cases
fulltest: $(TESTPROGS) fuzztest
./testfixture$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/all.test $(TESTOPTS)
# Really really long testing
soaktest: $(TESTPROGS)
./testfixture$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/all.test -soak=1 $(TESTOPTS)
# Do extra testing but not everything.
fulltestonly: $(TESTPROGS) fuzztest
./testfixture$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/full.test
# Fuzz testing
fuzztest: fuzzcheck$(TEXE) $(FUZZDATA) sessionfuzz$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/sessionfuzz-data1.db
./fuzzcheck$(TEXE) $(FUZZDATA)
./sessionfuzz$(TEXE) run $(TOP)/test/sessionfuzz-data1.db
fastfuzztest: fuzzcheck$(TEXE) $(FUZZDATA) sessionfuzz$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/sessionfuzz-data1.db
./fuzzcheck$(TEXE) --limit-mem 100M $(FUZZDATA)
./sessionfuzz$(TEXE) run $(TOP)/test/sessionfuzz-data1.db
valgrindfuzz: fuzzcheck$(TEXT) $(FUZZDATA) sessionfuzz$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/sessionfuzz-data1.db
valgrind ./fuzzcheck$(TEXE) --cell-size-check --limit-mem 10M --timeout 600 $(FUZZDATA)
valgrind ./sessionfuzz$(TEXE) run $(TOP)/test/sessionfuzz-data1.db
# The veryquick.test TCL tests.
tcltest: ./testfixture$(TEXE)
./testfixture$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/veryquick.test $(TESTOPTS)
# Minimal testing that runs in less than 3 minutes
quicktest: ./testfixture$(TEXE)
./testfixture$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/extraquick.test $(TESTOPTS)
# This is the common case. Run many tests that do not take too long,
# including fuzzcheck, sqlite3_analyzer, and sqldiff tests.
test: fastfuzztest sourcetest $(TESTPROGS) tcltest
# Run a test using valgrind. This can take a really long time
# because valgrind is so much slower than a native machine.
valgrindtest: $(TESTPROGS) valgrindfuzz
OMIT_MISUSE=1 valgrind -v ./testfixture$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/permutations.test valgrind $(TESTOPTS)
# A very fast test that checks basic sanity. The name comes from
# the 60s-era electronics testing: "Turn it on and see if smoke
# comes out."
smoketest: $(TESTPROGS) fuzzcheck$(TEXE)
./testfixture$(TEXE) $(TOP)/test/main.test $(TESTOPTS)
sqlite3_analyzer.c: sqlite3.c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(TOP)/tool/spaceanal.tcl $(TOP)/tool/mkccode.tcl $(TOP)/tool/
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/mkccode.tcl $(TOP)/tool/ >sqlite3_analyzer.c
sqlite3_analyzer$(TEXE): sqlite3_analyzer.c
$(LTLINK) sqlite3_analyzer.c -o $@ $(LIBTCL) $(TLIBS)
sqltclsh.c: sqlite3.c $(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c $(TOP)/tool/sqltclsh.tcl $(TOP)/ext/misc/appendvfs.c $(TOP)/tool/mkccode.tcl $(TOP)/tool/
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/mkccode.tcl $(TOP)/tool/ >sqltclsh.c
sqltclsh$(TEXE): sqltclsh.c
$(LTLINK) sqltclsh.c -o $@ $(LIBTCL) $(TLIBS)
sqlite3_expert$(TEXE): $(TOP)/ext/expert/sqlite3expert.h $(TOP)/ext/expert/sqlite3expert.c $(TOP)/ext/expert/expert.c sqlite3.c
$(LTLINK) $(TOP)/ext/expert/sqlite3expert.h $(TOP)/ext/expert/sqlite3expert.c $(TOP)/ext/expert/expert.c sqlite3.c -o sqlite3_expert $(TLIBS)
$(TOP)/tool/mkccode.tcl \
sqlite3.c \
$(TOP)/src/tclsqlite.c \
$(TOP)/ext/repair/sqlite3_checker.tcl \
$(TOP)/ext/repair/checkindex.c \
$(TOP)/ext/repair/checkfreelist.c \
$(TOP)/ext/misc/btreeinfo.c \
sqlite3_checker.c: $(CHECKER_DEPS)
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/tool/mkccode.tcl $(TOP)/ext/repair/ >$@
sqlite3_checker$(TEXE): sqlite3_checker.c
$(LTLINK) sqlite3_checker.c -o $@ $(LIBTCL) $(TLIBS)
dbdump$(TEXE): $(TOP)/ext/misc/dbdump.c sqlite3.lo
$(TOP)/ext/misc/dbdump.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
dbtotxt$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/dbtotxt.c
$(LTLINK)-o $@ $(TOP)/tool/dbtotxt.c
showdb$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/showdb.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/showdb.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
showstat4$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/showstat4.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/showstat4.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
showjournal$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/showjournal.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/showjournal.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
showwal$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/showwal.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/showwal.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
showshm$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/showshm.c
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/showshm.c
index_usage$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/index_usage.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) $(SHELL_OPT) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/index_usage.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
changeset$(TEXE): $(TOP)/ext/session/changeset.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/ext/session/changeset.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
changesetfuzz$(TEXE): $(TOP)/ext/session/changesetfuzz.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/ext/session/changesetfuzz.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
rollback-test$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/rollback-test.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/rollback-test.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
atrc$(TEXX): $(TOP)/test/atrc.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/test/atrc.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
LogEst$(TEXE): $(TOP)/tool/logest.c sqlite3.h
$(LTLINK) -I. -o $@ $(TOP)/tool/logest.c
wordcount$(TEXE): $(TOP)/test/wordcount.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -o $@ $(TOP)/test/wordcount.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
speedtest1$(TEXE): $(TOP)/test/speedtest1.c sqlite3.c
$(LTLINK) $(ST_OPT) -o $@ $(TOP)/test/speedtest1.c sqlite3.c $(TLIBS)
kvtest$(TEXE): $(TOP)/test/kvtest.c sqlite3.c
$(LTLINK) $(KV_OPT) -o $@ $(TOP)/test/kvtest.c sqlite3.c $(TLIBS)
rbu$(EXE): $(TOP)/ext/rbu/rbu.c $(TOP)/ext/rbu/sqlite3rbu.c sqlite3.lo
$(LTLINK) -I. -o $@ $(TOP)/ext/rbu/rbu.c sqlite3.lo $(TLIBS)
loadfts$(EXE): $(TOP)/tool/loadfts.c
$(LTLINK) $(TOP)/tool/loadfts.c -o $@ $(TLIBS)
# This target will fail if the SQLite amalgamation contains any exported
# symbols that do not begin with "sqlite3_". It is run as part of the
# releasetest.tcl script.
VALIDIDS=' sqlite3(changeset|changegroup|session)?_'
checksymbols: sqlite3.o
nm -g --defined-only sqlite3.o
nm -g --defined-only sqlite3.o | egrep -v $(VALIDIDS); test $$? -ne 0
echo '0 errors out of 1 tests'
# Build the amalgamation-autoconf package. The amalamgation-tarball target builds
# a tarball named for the version number. Ex: sqlite-autoconf-3110000.tar.gz.
# The snapshot-tarball target builds a tarball named by the SHA1 hash
amalgamation-tarball: sqlite3.c
TOP=$(TOP) sh $(TOP)/tool/ --normal
snapshot-tarball: sqlite3.c
TOP=$(TOP) sh $(TOP)/tool/ --snapshot
# The next two rules are used to support the "threadtest" target. Building
# threadtest runs a few thread-safety tests that are implemented in C. This
# target is invoked by the releasetest.tcl script.
THREADTEST3_SRC = $(TOP)/test/threadtest3.c \
$(TOP)/test/tt3_checkpoint.c \
$(TOP)/test/tt3_index.c \
$(TOP)/test/tt3_vacuum.c \
$(TOP)/test/tt3_stress.c \
threadtest3$(TEXE): sqlite3.lo $(THREADTEST3_SRC)
$(LTLINK) $(TOP)/test/threadtest3.c $(TOP)/src/test_multiplex.c sqlite3.lo -o $@ $(TLIBS)
threadtest: threadtest3$(TEXE)
$(TCLSH_CMD) $(TOP)/test/releasetest.tcl
# Standard install and cleanup targets
$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
$(LTINSTALL) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
install: sqlite3$(TEXE) lib_install sqlite3.h sqlite3.pc ${HAVE_TCL:1=tcl_install}
$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
$(LTINSTALL) sqlite3$(TEXE) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)
$(INSTALL) -m 0644 sqlite3.h $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)
$(INSTALL) -m 0644 $(TOP)/src/sqlite3ext.h $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)
$(INSTALL) -d $(DESTDIR)$(pkgconfigdir)
$(INSTALL) -m 0644 sqlite3.pc $(DESTDIR)$(pkgconfigdir)
echo 'package ifneeded sqlite3 $(RELEASE) [list load [file join $$dir libtclsqlite3[info sharedlibextension]] sqlite3]' > $@
tcl_install: lib_install pkgIndex.tcl
rm -f $(DESTDIR)$(TCLLIBDIR)/ $(DESTDIR)$(TCLLIBDIR)/libtclsqlite3.a
$(INSTALL) -m 0644 pkgIndex.tcl $(DESTDIR)$(TCLLIBDIR)
rm -f *.lo *.la *.o sqlite3$(TEXE)
rm -f sqlite3.h opcodes.*
rm -rf .libs .deps
rm -f lemon$(BEXE) lempar.c parse.* sqlite*.tar.gz
rm -f mkkeywordhash$(BEXE) keywordhash.h
rm -f *.da *.bb *.bbg gmon.out
rm -rf tsrc .target_source
rm -f tclsqlite3$(TEXE)
rm -f testfixture$(TEXE) test.db
rm -f LogEst$(TEXE) fts3view$(TEXE) rollback-test$(TEXE) showdb$(TEXE)
rm -f showjournal$(TEXE) showstat4$(TEXE) showwal$(TEXE) speedtest1$(TEXE)
rm -f wordcount$(TEXE) changeset$(TEXE)
rm -f sqlite3.dll sqlite3.lib sqlite3.exp sqlite3.def
rm -f sqlite3.c
rm -f sqlite3rc.h
rm -f shell.c sqlite3ext.h
rm -f sqlite3_analyzer$(TEXE) sqlite3_analyzer.c
rm -f sqlite-*-output.vsix
rm -f mptester mptester.exe
rm -f rbu rbu.exe
rm -f srcck1 srcck1.exe
rm -f fuzzershell fuzzershell.exe
rm -f fuzzcheck fuzzcheck.exe
rm -f sqldiff sqldiff.exe
rm -f dbhash dbhash.exe
rm -f fts5.* fts5parse.*
distclean: clean
rm -f config.h config.log config.status libtool Makefile sqlite3.pc
# Windows section
dll: sqlite3.dll
REAL_LIBOBJ = $(LIBOBJ:%.lo=.libs/%.o)
sqlite3.def: $(REAL_LIBOBJ)
echo 'EXPORTS' >sqlite3.def
nm $(REAL_LIBOBJ) | grep ' T ' | grep ' _sqlite3_' \
| sed 's/^.* _//' >>sqlite3.def
sqlite3.dll: $(REAL_LIBOBJ) sqlite3.def
$(TCC) -shared -o $@ sqlite3.def \
-Wl,"--strip-all" $(REAL_LIBOBJ)