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// Package gcfg reads "INI-style" text-based configuration files with
// "name=value" pairs grouped into sections (gcfg files).
// This package is still a work in progress; see the sections below for planned
// changes. Apart from these, the API and syntax is expected (but not
// guaranteed) to remain stable.
// Syntax
// The syntax is based on that used by git config:
// .
// There are some (planned) differences compared to the git config format:
// - improve data portability:
// - must be encoded in UTF-8 (for now) and must not contain the 0 byte
// - include and "path" type is not supported
// (path type may be implementable as a user-defined type)
// - disallow potentially ambiguous or misleading definitions:
// - `[sec.sub]` format is not allowed (deprecated in gitconfig)
// - `[sec ""]` is not allowed
// - use `[sec]` for section name "sec" and empty subsection name
// - (planned) within a single file, definitions must be contiguous for each:
// - section: '[secA]' -> '[secB]' -> '[secA]' is an error
// - subsection: '[sec "A"]' -> '[sec "B"]' -> '[sec "A"]' is an error
// - multivalued variable: 'multi=a' -> 'other=x' -> 'multi=b' is an error
// The package may be usable for handling some of the various "INI file" formats
// used by some programs and libraries, but achieving or maintaining
// compatibility with any of those is not a primary concern.
// Data structure
// The functions in this package read values into a user-defined struct.
// Each section corresponds to a struct field in the config struct, and each
// variable in a section corresponds to a data field in the section struct.
// The name of the field must match the name of the section or variable,
// ignoring case.
// Hyphens in section and variable names correspond to underscores in field
// names.
// For sections with subsections, the corresponding field in config must be a
// map, rather than a struct, with string keys and pointer-to-struct values.
// Values for subsection variables are stored in the map with the subsection
// name used as the map key.
// (Note that unlike section and variable names, subsection names are case
// sensitive.)
// When using a map, and there is a section with the same section name but
// without a subsection name, its values are stored with the empty string used
// as the key.
// The functions in this package panic if config is not a pointer to a struct,
// or when a field is not of a suitable type (either a struct or a map with
// string keys and pointer-to-struct values).
// Parsing of values
// The section structs in the config struct may contain arbitrary types.
// For string fields, the (unquoted and unescaped) value string is assigned to
// the field.
// For bool fields, the field is set to true if the value is "true", "yes", "on"
// or "1", and set to false if the value is "false", "no", "off" or "0",
// ignoring case.
// Unnamed slice types (those whose type description starts with `[]`) are
// handled as multi-value variables (each value is added to the slice).
// For all other types, fmt.Sscanf with the verb "%v" is used to parse the value
// string and set it to the field.
// This means that built-in Go types are parseable using the standard format,
// and any user-defined type is parseable if it implements the fmt.Scanner
// interface.
// Note that the value is considered invalid unless fmt.Scanner fully consumes
// the value string without error.
// The following is a list of changes under consideration:
// - syntax
// - define valid section and variable names
// (consider supporting names starting with non-letter Unicode characters)
// - reconsider valid escape sequences
// (gitconfig doesn't support \r in value, \t in subsection name, etc.)
// - define handling of "implicit value" for types other than bool
// - consider handling of numeric values (decimal only by default?)
// - complete syntax documentation
// - reading
// - define internal representation structure
// - support multiple inputs (readers, strings, files)
// - support declaring encoding (?)
// - support automatic dereferencing of pointer fields (?)
// - support varying fields sets for subsections (?)
// - simplify parsing for user-defined types
// - export scanEnum
// - should use longest match (?)
// - support matching on unique prefix (?)
// - declare an interface that is easier to implement than fmt.Scanner
// - writing gcfg files
// - error handling
// - report position of extra characters in value
// - make error context accessible programmatically?
// - limit input size?
// - move TODOs to issue tracker (eventually)
package gcfg