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package cache
import ""
const (
Byte FileSize = 1 << (iota * 10)
type FileSize int64
const DefaultMaxSize FileSize = 96 * MiByte
// Object is an interface to a object cache.
type Object interface {
// Put puts the given object into the cache. Whether this object will
// actually be put into the cache or not is implementation specific.
Put(o plumbing.EncodedObject)
// Get gets an object from the cache given its hash. The second return value
// is true if the object was returned, and false otherwise.
Get(k plumbing.Hash) (plumbing.EncodedObject, bool)
// Clear clears every object from the cache.
// Buffer is an interface to a buffer cache.
type Buffer interface {
// Put puts a buffer into the cache. If the buffer is already in the cache,
// it will be marked as used. Otherwise, it will be inserted. Buffer might
// be evicted to make room for the new one.
Put(key int64, slice []byte)
// Get returns a buffer by its key. It marks the buffer as used. If the
// buffer is not in the cache, (nil, false) will be returned.
Get(key int64) ([]byte, bool)
// Clear clears every object from the cache.