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webbrowser Build Status GoDoc

webbrowser provides a simple API for opening web pages on your default browser. It's inspired on Python's webbrowser package but lacks some of its features (open new window).

It just opens a webpage, most browsers will open it on a new tab.


As simple as: go get -u


package main

import ""

func main() {

That's it!

Already disliking it?

No problem! There's alternative libraries that may be better to your needs:

Crossplatform support

The package is guaranteed to work on windows, linux and darwin. It also has default support for freebsd, openbsd and netbsd but these three have not been tested yet (that I'm aware of).


It is licensed under the MIT open source license, please see the [] file for more information.


Miki Tebeka wrote a nicer version that wasn't on when I did this, check it out!.