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webbrowser Build Status GoDoc

webbrowser provides a simple API for opening web pages on your default browser.

It's inspired on Python's webbrowser package but lacks some of its features (open new window).

It just opens a webpage, most browsers will open it on a new tab.


As simple as:

go get -u


package main

import ""

func main() {

That's it!

Crossplatform support

The package works on:

  • [x] android (verified by 3rd party)
  • [x] darwin
  • [x] freebsd (verified by 3rd party)
  • [x] linux
  • [x] netbsd (verified by 3rd party)
  • [x] openbsd (verified by 3rd party)
  • [x] windows


It is licensed under the MIT open source license, please see the file for more information.


Miki Tebeka wrote a nicer version that wasn't on when I did this, check it out!.

Already disliking it?

No problem! There's alternative libraries that may be better to your needs: