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  1. abort/
  2. addons/
  3. async-hooks/
  4. benchmark/
  5. cctest/
  6. common/
  7. doctool/
  8. embedding/
  9. es-module/
  10. fixtures/
  11. fuzzers/
  12. internet/
  13. js-native-api/
  14. known_issues/
  15. message/
  16. node-api/
  17. parallel/
  18. pseudo-tty/
  19. pummel/
  20. report/
  21. sequential/
  22. testpy/
  23. tick-processor/
  24. tools/
  25. v8-updates/
  26. wasi/
  27. wpt/
  28. .eslintrc.yaml
  30. root.status

Node.js Core Tests

This directory contains code and data used to test the Node.js implementation.

For a detailed guide on how to write tests in this directory, see the guide on writing tests.

On how to run tests in this directory, see the contributing guide.

For the tests to run on Windows, be sure to clone Node.js source code with the autocrlf git config flag set to true.

Test Directories

DirectoryRuns on CIPurpose
abortYesTests for when the --abort-on-uncaught-exception flag is used.
addonsYesTests for addon functionality along with some tests that require an addon.
async-hooksYesTests for async_hooks functionality.
benchmarkNoTest minimal functionality of benchmarks.
cctestYesC++ tests that are run as part of the build process.
code-cacheNoTests for a Node.js binary compiled with V8 code cache.
commonCommon modules shared among many tests. Documentation
doctoolYesTests for the documentation generator.
es-moduleYesTest ESM module loading.
fixturesTest fixtures used in various tests throughout the test suite.
internetNoTests that make real outbound network connections. Tests for networking related modules may also be present in other directories, but those tests do not make outbound connections.
js-native-apiYesTests for Node.js-agnostic n-api functionality.
known_issuesYesTests reproducing known issues within the system. All tests inside of this directory are expected to fail. If a test doesn't fail on certain platforms, those should be skipped via known_issues.status.
messageYesTests for messages that are output for various conditions (console.log, error messages etc.)
node-apiYesTests for Node.js-specific n-api functionality.
parallelYesVarious tests that are able to be run in parallel.
pseudo-ttyYesTests that require stdin/stdout/stderr to be a TTY.
pummelNoVarious tests for various modules / system functionality operating under load.
sequentialYesVarious tests that must not run in parallel.
testpyTest configuration utility used by various test suites.
tick-processorNoTests for the V8 tick processor integration. The tests are for the logic in lib/internal/v8_prof_processor.js and lib/internal/v8_prof_polyfill.js. The tests confirm that the profile processor packages the correct set of scripts from V8 and introduces the correct platform specific logic.
v8-updatesNoTests for V8 performance integration.