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# Please take extra care not to add rules that will make tracked files ignored.
# To test that, run `git ls-files -i --exclude-standard`.
# To check why a specific file is ignored, run `git check-ignore -v <filepath>`.
# === Rule for dotfiles ===
# Ignore all dotfiles.
# Exclude specific dotfiles that we want to track.
# === Rules for root dir ===
# === Rules for artifacts of `./configure` ===
# === Rules for MSVS artifacts ===
# Exclude MSVS files used for .msi file generation
# === Rules for GYP artifacts ===
# === Rules for other build artifacts ===
# generated by gyp on Windows
# generated by gyp on android
# === Rules for release artifacts ===
# === Rules for `node_modules` ===
# === Rules for test artifacts ===
# coverage related
# === Rules for XCode artifacts ===
# === Rules for files in `/deps` ===
# Exclude all files in the vendored `npm`.
# These are not needed and causes issues for distro packagers.
# Respect V8's .gitignore
# Ignore the libuv book and GitHub templates
# Ignore dependencies fetched by deps/v8/tools/node/
# === Global Rules ===
# Keep last to avoid being excluded