You may also need to check

  • LGTM: “Looks good to me”, commonly used to approve a code review.
  • PTAL: Please take a look.
  • RSLGTM: “Rubber-stamp looks good to me”. The reviewer approving without doing a full code review.
  • TSC: Technical Steering Committee. Detailed info see TSC.
  • WIP: “Work In Progress” - e.g. a patch that's not finished, but may be worth an early look.
  • WPT: web-platform-tests
  • godbolt: Compiler Explorer run compilers interactively from your web browser and interact with the assembly. Was created by and is primarily administrated by Matt Godbolt.
  • primordials: Pristine built-ins that are not effected by prototype pollution and tampering with built-ins.