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  1. 640815d Fix Undefined Behavior, left shift of negative value, signed integer overflow. by Eugene Hermann · 3 weeks ago master
  2. 202eaa3 fix gate to deal with GTM_MACOS_SDK being defined to zero by Thomas Van Lenten · 3 months ago
  3. b2a7e11 Allow for building GTMSystemVersion under deployment target of 10.8 and above. by Boris Vidolov · 3 months ago
  4. 484a1bb Bump the version to cut a release for newer Xcodes. by Thomas Van Lenten · 4 months ago v2.1.4
  5. b3f485c Fix Xcode 9.3 warning for "__weak only applies to ObjC types" by Sergio Campama · 4 months ago

GTM: Google Toolbox for Mac

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Google Toolbox for Mac

A collection of source from different Google projects that may be of use to developers working other iOS or OS X projects.

If you find a problem/bug or want a new feature to be included in the Google Toolbox for Mac, please join the discussion group or submit an issue.