Remove GTMWindowSheetController (#256)

Hasn't really been maintained, Chromium was one of the main users, and they
stopped using it a while ago, they only use a few things now:

It also never was in the pod file, meaning less folks were likely to use it.
4 files changed
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  1. .swift-version
  3. .travis.yml
  4. AppKit/
  5. BuildingAndUsing.txt
  7. DebugUtils/
  8. Foundation/
  9. GTM-Info.plist
  10. GTM.xcodeproj/
  11. GTMDefines.h
  12. GTMiPhone-Info.plist
  13. GTMiPhone.xcodeproj/
  14. GoogleToolboxForMac.podspec
  17. UnitTest-Info.plist
  18. UnitTesting/
  19. XcodeConfig/
  20. iPhone/

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