Version bump for a release.

Looking at what has changed since the last release:

There are two small fixes, but the rest is removing a few unused things and
the majority is marking things as deprecated that the System Frameworks now
provide. So bumping the minor version so folks can control when they adopt
this if they so wish.
1 file changed
tree: 07e859e60fa2714d5abb5e4b7a11a0ae3428be8a
  1. .swift-version
  3. .travis.yml
  4. AppKit/
  5. BuildingAndUsing.txt
  7. DebugUtils/
  8. Foundation/
  9. GTM-Info.plist
  10. GTM.xcodeproj/
  11. GTMDefines.h
  12. GTMiPhone-Info.plist
  13. GTMiPhone.xcodeproj/
  14. GoogleToolboxForMac.podspec
  17. UnitTest-Info.plist
  18. UnitTesting/
  19. XcodeConfig/
  20. iPhone/

GTM: Google Toolbox for Mac

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Google Toolbox for Mac

A collection of source from different Google projects that may be of use to developers working other iOS or OS X projects.

If you find a problem/bug or want a new feature to be included in the Google Toolbox for Mac, please join the discussion group or submit an issue.