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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2007 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Contains logic for writing handlers to app.yaml.
Information about handlers comes from static file paths, appengine-web.xml,
and web.xml. This information is packaged into Handler objects which specify
paths and properties about how they are handled.
In this module:
GenerateYamlHandlers: Returns Yaml string with handlers.
HandlerGenerator: Ancestor class for creating handler lists.
DynamicHandlerGenerator: Creates handlers from web-xml servlet and filter
StaticHandlerGenerator: Creates handlers from static file includes and
static files.
from google.appengine.api import appinfo
from import handler
from import AppEngineConfigException
API_ENDPOINT_REGEX = '/_ah/spi/*'
def GenerateYamlHandlersList(app_engine_web_xml, web_xml, static_files):
"""Produces a list of Yaml strings for dynamic and static handlers."""
welcome_properties = _MakeWelcomeProperties(web_xml, static_files)
static_handler_generator = StaticHandlerGenerator(
app_engine_web_xml, web_xml, welcome_properties)
dynamic_handler_generator = DynamicHandlerGenerator(
app_engine_web_xml, web_xml)
handler_length = len(dynamic_handler_generator.GenerateOrderedHandlerList())
if static_files:
handler_length += len(static_handler_generator.GenerateOrderedHandlerList())
if handler_length > appinfo.MAX_URL_MAPS:
dynamic_handler_generator.fall_through = True
dynamic_handler_generator.welcome_properties = {}
yaml_statements = ['handlers:']
if static_files:
yaml_statements += static_handler_generator.GetHandlerYaml()
yaml_statements += dynamic_handler_generator.GetHandlerYaml()
return yaml_statements
def GenerateYamlHandlersListForDevAppServer(
app_engine_web_xml, web_xml, static_urls):
r"""Produces a list of Yaml strings for dynamic and static handlers.
This variant of GenerateYamlHandlersList is for the Dev App Server case.
The key difference there is that we serve files directly from the war
directory rather than constructing a parallel hierarchy with a special
__static__ directory. Since app.yaml doesn't support excluding URL patterns
and appengine-web.xml does, this means that we have to define patterns that
cover exactly the set of static files we want without pulling in any files
that are not supposed to be served as static files.
app_engine_web_xml: an app_engine_web_xml_parser.AppEngineWebXml object.
web_xml: a web_xml_parser.WebXml object.
static_urls: a list of two-item tuples where the first item is a URL pattern
string for a static file, such as '/stylesheets/main\.css', and the
second item is the app_engine_web_xml_parser.StaticFileInclude
representing the <static-files><include> XML element that caused that URL
pattern to be included in the list.
A list of strings that together make up the lines of the generated app.yaml
appinfo.MAX_URL_MAPS = 10000
static_handler_generator = StaticHandlerGeneratorForDevAppServer(
app_engine_web_xml, web_xml, static_urls)
dynamic_handler_generator = DynamicHandlerGenerator(
app_engine_web_xml, web_xml)
return (['handlers:'] +
static_handler_generator.GetHandlerYaml() +
def _MakeWelcomeProperties(web_xml, static_files):
"""Makes the welcome_properties dict given web_xml and the static files.
web_xml: a parsed web.xml that may contain a <welcome-file-list> clause.
static_files: the list of all static files found in the app.
A dict with a single entry where the key is 'welcome' and the value is
either None or a tuple of the file names in all the <welcome-file> clauses
that were retained. A <welcome-file> clause is retained if its file name
matches at least one actual file in static_files.
For example, if the input looked like this:
and if there was a file /foo/bar/index.html but no file called index.jsp
anywhere in static_files, the result would be {'welcome': ('index.html',)}.
static_welcome_files = []
for welcome_file in web_xml.welcome_files:
if any(f.endswith('/' + welcome_file) for f in static_files):
welcome_value = tuple(static_welcome_files) or None
return {'welcome': welcome_value}
class HandlerGenerator(object):
"""Ancestor class for StaticHandlerGenerator and DynamicHandlerGenerator.
Contains shared functionality. Both static and dynamic handler generators
work in a similar way. Both obtain a list of patterns, static includes and
web.xml servlet url patterns, respectively, add security constraint info to
those lists, sort them, and then generate Yaml statements for each entry.
def __init__(self, app_engine_web_xml, web_xml):
self.app_engine_web_xml = app_engine_web_xml
self.web_xml = web_xml
def GetHandlerYaml(self):
handler_yaml = []
for h in self.GenerateOrderedHandlerList():
handler_yaml += self.TranslateHandler(h)
return handler_yaml
def GenerateSecurityConstraintHandlers(self):
"""Creates Handlers for security constraint information."""
handler_list = []
for constraint in self.web_xml.security_constraints:
props = {'transport_guarantee': constraint.transport_guarantee,
'required_role': constraint.required_role}
for pattern in constraint.patterns:
security_handler = handler.SimpleHandler(pattern, props)
handler_list += self.CreateHandlerWithoutTrailingStar(security_handler)
return handler_list
def GenerateWelcomeFileHandlers(self):
"""Creates handlers for welcome files."""
if not self.welcome_properties:
return []
return [handler.SimpleHandler('/', self.welcome_properties),
handler.SimpleHandler('/*/', self.welcome_properties)]
def TranslateAdditionalOptions(self, h):
"""Generates Yaml statements from security constraint information."""
additional_statements = []
required_role = h.GetProperty('required_role', default='none')
required_role_translation = {'none': 'optional',
'*': 'required',
'admin': 'admin'}
' login: %s' % required_role_translation[required_role])
transport_guarantee = h.GetProperty('transport_guarantee', default='none')
if transport_guarantee == 'none':
if self.app_engine_web_xml.ssl_enabled:
additional_statements.append(' secure: optional')
additional_statements.append(' secure: never')
if self.app_engine_web_xml.ssl_enabled:
additional_statements.append(' secure: always')
raise AppEngineConfigException(
'SSL must be enabled in appengine-web.xml to use '
handler_id = self.web_xml.pattern_to_id.get(h.pattern)
if handler_id and handler_id in self.app_engine_web_xml.api_endpoints:
additional_statements.append(' api_endpoint: True')
return additional_statements
def CreateHandlerWithoutTrailingStar(self, h):
"""Creates identical handler without trailing star in pattern.
According to servlet spec, baz/* should match baz.
h: a Handler.
If h.pattern is of form "baz/*", returns a singleton list with a
SimpleHandler with pattern "baz" and the properties of h. Otherwise,
returns an empty list.
if len(h.pattern) <= 2 or h.pattern[-2:] != '/*':
return []
return [handler.SimpleHandler(h.pattern[:-2],]
class DynamicHandlerGenerator(HandlerGenerator):
"""Generates dynamic handler yaml entries for app.yaml."""
def __init__(self, app_engine_web_xml, web_xml):
super(DynamicHandlerGenerator, self).__init__(app_engine_web_xml, web_xml)
if any([self.web_xml.fall_through_to_runtime,
'/' in self.web_xml.patterns,
'/*' in self.web_xml.patterns]):
self.fall_through = True
self.welcome_properties = {}
self.fall_through = False
self.welcome_properties = {'type': 'dynamic'}
self.has_api_endpoint = API_ENDPOINT_REGEX in self.web_xml.patterns
self.patterns = [pattern for pattern in self.web_xml.patterns if
pattern not in ('/', '/*', API_ENDPOINT_REGEX)]
self.has_jsps = web_xml.has_jsps
def MakeServletPatternsIntoHandlers(self):
"""Creates SimpleHandlers from servlet and filter mappings in web.xml."""
handler_patterns = []
has_jsps = self.has_jsps
if self.fall_through:
return [handler.SimpleHandler('/*', {'type': 'dynamic'})]
for pattern in self.patterns:
if pattern.endswith('.jsp'):
has_jsps = True
new_handler = handler.SimpleHandler(pattern, {'type': 'dynamic'})
handler_patterns += self.CreateHandlerWithoutTrailingStar(new_handler)
if has_jsps or self.app_engine_web_xml.vm:
handler.SimpleHandler('*.jsp', {'type': 'dynamic'}))
handler.SimpleHandler('/_ah/*', {'type': 'dynamic'}))
return handler_patterns
def GenerateOrderedHandlerList(self):
handler_patterns = (self.MakeServletPatternsIntoHandlers()
+ self.GenerateSecurityConstraintHandlers()
+ self.GenerateWelcomeFileHandlers())
ordered_handlers = handler.GetOrderedIntersection(handler_patterns)
if self.has_api_endpoint:
handler.SimpleHandler(API_ENDPOINT_REGEX, {'type': 'dynamic'}))
return ordered_handlers
def TranslateHandler(self, the_handler):
"""Converts a dynamic handler object to Yaml."""
if the_handler.GetProperty('type') != 'dynamic':
return []
statements = ['- url: %s' % the_handler.Regexify(),
' script: unused']
return statements + self.TranslateAdditionalOptions(the_handler)
class StaticHandlerGenerator(HandlerGenerator):
"""Generates static handler yaml entries for app.yaml."""
def __init__(self, app_engine_web_xml, web_xml, welcome_properties):
super(StaticHandlerGenerator, self).__init__(app_engine_web_xml, web_xml)
self.static_file_includes = self.app_engine_web_xml.static_file_includes
self.welcome_properties = welcome_properties
def MakeStaticFilePatternsIntoHandlers(self):
"""Creates SimpleHandlers out of XML-specified static file includes."""
includes = self.static_file_includes
if not includes:
return [handler.SimpleHandler('/*', {'type': 'static'})]
handler_patterns = []
for include in includes:
pattern = include.pattern.replace('**', '*')
if pattern[0] != '/':
pattern = '/' + pattern
properties = {'type': 'static'}
if include.expiration:
properties['expiration'] = include.expiration
if include.http_headers:
properties['http_headers'] = tuple(sorted(include.http_headers.items()))
handler_patterns.append(handler.SimpleHandler(pattern, properties))
return handler_patterns
def GenerateOrderedHandlerList(self):
handler_patterns = (self.MakeStaticFilePatternsIntoHandlers()
+ self.GenerateSecurityConstraintHandlers()
+ self.GenerateWelcomeFileHandlers())
return handler.GetOrderedIntersection(handler_patterns)
def TranslateHandler(self, h):
"""Translates SimpleHandler to static handler yaml statements."""
root = self.app_engine_web_xml.public_root
regex_string = h.Regexify()
if regex_string.startswith(root):
regex_string = regex_string[len(root):]
welcome_files = h.GetProperty('welcome')
if welcome_files:
statements = []
for welcome_file in welcome_files:
statements += ['- url: (%s)' % regex_string,
' static_files: __static__%s\\1%s' %
(root, welcome_file),
' upload: __NOT_USED__',
' require_matching_file: True']
statements += self.TranslateAdditionalOptions(h)
statements += self.TranslateAdditionalStaticOptions(h)
return statements
if h.GetProperty('type') != 'static':
return []
statements = ['- url: (%s)' % regex_string,
' static_files: __static__%s\\1' % root,
' upload: __NOT_USED__',
' require_matching_file: True']
return (statements +
self.TranslateAdditionalOptions(h) +
def TranslateAdditionalStaticOptions(self, h):
statements = []
expiration = h.GetProperty('expiration')
if expiration:
statements.append(' expiration: %s' % expiration)
http_headers = h.GetProperty('http_headers')
if http_headers:
statements.append(' http_headers:')
statements += [' %s: %s' % pair for pair in http_headers]
return statements
class StaticHandlerGeneratorForDevAppServer(StaticHandlerGenerator):
"""Generates static handler yaml entries for app.yaml in Dev App Server.
This class overrides the GenerateOrderedHanderList and TranslateHandler
methods from its parent to work with the Dev App Server environment.
See the GenerateYamlHandlersListForDevAppServer method above for further
def __init__(self, app_engine_web_xml, web_xml, static_urls):
super(StaticHandlerGeneratorForDevAppServer, self).__init__(
app_engine_web_xml, web_xml, {})
self.static_urls = static_urls
def GenerateOrderedHandlerList(self):
handler_patterns = self.MakeStaticUrlsIntoHandlers()
return handler.GetOrderedIntersection(handler_patterns)
def MakeStaticUrlsIntoHandlers(self):
handler_patterns = []
for url, include in self.static_urls:
properties = {'type': 'static'}
if include.expiration:
properties['expiration'] = include.expiration
if include.http_headers:
properties['http_headers'] = tuple(sorted(include.http_headers.items()))
handler_patterns.append(handler.SimpleHandler(url, properties))
return handler_patterns
def TranslateHandler(self, h):
"""Translates SimpleHandler to static handler yaml statements."""
root = self.app_engine_web_xml.public_root
regex = h.Regexify()
split = 1 if regex.startswith('/') else 0
statements = ['- url: /(%s)' % regex[split:],
' static_files: %s\\1' % root,
' upload: __NOT_USED__',
' require_matching_file: True']
return (statements +
self.TranslateAdditionalOptions(h) +