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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright 2007 Google Inc.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Exceptions related to Managed VM deployments."""
import logging
class Error(Exception):
"""Base error class for"""
class PermanentAppError(Error):
"""Base class for app config related errors we are unable to recover from.
Handlers should catch this type of errors since retrying is of no use.
def __init__(self, end_user_message, internal_message=None):
end_user_message: The message to forward to appcfg so it can be
displayed to the end user.
internal_message: (optional) Error message to log as error.
# Use the base Exception class message field to store the end_user_message.
super(PermanentAppError, self).__init__(end_user_message)
self.internal_message = internal_message
def LogError(self):
logging.debug('End user message: %s', self.message)
if self.internal_message:
# TODO: Some of these exceptions specify meaningful error messages, while
# others rely on the caller to do so. We should be consistent about this.
# TODO: Some exceptions here are specific to particular modules,
# while some are generic and applicable across modules. On one hand, if
# module-specific Exceptions were defined in their respective modules, there is
# no risk of misapplying them in improper places. On the other hand, keeping
# all errors in one file is convenient, and allows us to avoid having to disable
# catching-non-exception lint errors (caused because pylint doesn't trace the
# inheritance across files).
class TransientError(Error):
"""Base class for transient errors that should lead to a retry of the task."""
class GlobalConfigLoadError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if there was an error when loading the GlobalConfig for the app."""
class RobotSetupError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if there was an error with the robot setup."""
class InvalidBucketConfigurationError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if there is no GCS bucket configured in AdminConfig."""
def __init__(self):
# TODO: Improve this with doc links / next steps the user can take.
'Severe: This app has no associated Google Cloud Storage bucket.',
'Configuration error: Neither admin_config.vm_config_bigstore_bucket'
'nor admin_config.default_bigstore_bucket is set. Deployment aborted.')
class InvalidUserInstallItem(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if one of the apt_get_install items is invalid."""
def __init__(self, bad_package):
msg = 'Invalid apt-get-install package in vm_settings:"%s"' % bad_package
PermanentAppError.__init__(self, msg)
class InvalidScopeConfigurationError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if there are incompatible storage scopes in vm_settings."""
def __init__(self):
'Severe: Invalid storage scope configuration. '
'Only one of devstorage.read_only, devstorage.read_write, '
'devstorage.full_control can be used at a time.')
class InvalidRootSetupCommandError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if the root_setup_command format is invalid."""
def __init__(self):
'Severe: Invalid root_setup_command format string.'
'Invalid root_setup_command format string.')
class StaleGlobalConfigError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if the GlobalConfig is older than the requester's."""
def __init__(self, msg):
TransientError.__init__(self, msg)
class AppLockError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if there was an error with the AppLock."""
def __init__(self):
'An internal error occurred. Please retry.',
'Unable to load the AppLock using the provided applock_key.')
class UnknownAppIdError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if the provided app id does not exist."""
class UnknownVersionIdError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if the provided version id does not exist."""
class AdminConfigLoadError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if there was an error when loading the AdminConfig of the app."""
class AppInfoLoadError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if there was an error when loading the AppInfo for the app."""
class GcsWriteError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if there was an error when writing to cloud storage."""
class InvalidLockdownzResponseError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if a lockdownz request to the agent returns an invalid response."""
class InvalidEnvVariableError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if an environment variable name or value cannot be supported."""
class MachineTypeInfoNotFoundError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown when the MachineTypeInfo is not found."""
class MachineTypeInfoLoadError(TransientError):
"""Thrown when the MachineTypeInfo can't be loaded."""
class InvalidImageError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if the user requested image can not be found."""
class InvalidVmSettingsError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if the VM settings dictionary contains an invalid key or Value."""
class InvalidDiskSizeConfiguration(InvalidVmSettingsError):
"""Thrown if the user requsted an invalid disk size."""
class GoManifestError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if there is a problem with the Go manifest."""
class ReplicaPoolTimeoutError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if there was a timeout with a ReplicaPool operation."""
class MigrateDuplicateZoneError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if attempted to migrating a replica pool to its existing zone."""
class ReplicaPoolTransientError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if there was an 5xx HttpError from the ReplicaPool service."""
class InvalidInstanceError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown by (un)lock method, if deployment or instance could not be found."""
class LockOperationError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown by (un)lock method, in case of a downstream failure."""
class OperationAborted(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if operation was aborted (AppLock was revoked). Used internally."""
# Errors thrown by api utility classes
class OperationDidNotCompleteError(TransientError):
"""Thrown if an operation did not go to DONE status in time."""
class OperationFailedError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if an operation threw an error."""
def __init__(self, message, errors):
super(OperationFailedError, self).__init__(
message, internal_message='Operation errors: %s' % str(errors))
self.errors = errors
class ResourceAlreadyExistsError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if the resource being inserted already exists."""
class ResourceDoesNotExistError(PermanentAppError):
"""Thrown if the resource being updated/deleted doesn't exist."""