Add github action for merging main branch

The main branch was renamed from master to main, the workflow will merge
changes across to master for now in case there are forks which use

Also update CI badge

Removes some old dependency files, now that Go modules are used by all supported versions.

Also removes appveyor CI. Either CircleCI or github actions would do for
windows builds.
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A collection of packages to augment testing and support common patterns.

GoDoc CircleCI Go Reportcard


With Go modules enabled (go1.11+)

$ go get
import ""

To use with an older version of Go that does not understand Go module paths pin to version v2.3.0.


  • assert - compare values and fail the test when a comparison fails
  • env - test code which uses environment variables
  • fs - create temporary files and compare a filesystem tree to an expected value
  • golden - compare large multi-line strings against values frozen in golden files
  • icmd - execute binaries and test the output
  • poll - test asynchronous code by polling until a desired state is reached
  • skip - skip a test and print the source code of the condition used to skip the test