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package source
import (
// These Bazel env vars are documented here:
// Signifies test executable is being driven by `bazel test`.
// Due to Bazel's compilation and sandboxing strategy,
// some care is required to handle resolving the original *.go source file.
var inBazelTest = os.Getenv("BAZEL_TEST") == "1"
// The name of the target being tested (ex: //some_package:some_package_test)
var bazelTestTarget = os.Getenv("TEST_TARGET")
// Absolute path to the base of the runfiles tree
var bazelTestSrcdir = os.Getenv("TEST_SRCDIR")
// The local repository's workspace name (ex: __main__)
var bazelTestWorkspace = os.Getenv("TEST_WORKSPACE")
func bazelSourcePath(filename string) (string, error) {
// Use the env vars to resolve the test source files,
// which must be provided as test data in the respective go_test target.
filename = filepath.Join(bazelTestSrcdir, bazelTestWorkspace, filename)
_, err := os.Stat(filename)
if os.IsNotExist(err) {
return "", fmt.Errorf(bazelMissingSourceMsg, filename, bazelTestTarget)
return filename, nil
var bazelMissingSourceMsg = `
the test source file does not exist: %s
It appears that you are running this test under Bazel (target: %s).
Check that your test source files are added as test data in your go_test targets.
name = "your_package_test",
srcs = ["your_test.go"],
deps = ["@tools_gotest_v3//assert"],
data = glob(["*_test.go"])