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Google Toolbox for Mac - HTTP Fetcher

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GTM HTTP Fetcher makes it easy for Cocoa applications to perform http operations. The fetcher is implemented as a wrapper on NSURLConnection, so its behavior is asynchronous and uses operating-system settings on iOS and Mac OS X.

NOTE: Because NSURLConnection is deprecated as of iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, this class has been superseded by GTMSessionFetcher.

Features include:

  • Simple to build; only one source/header file pair is required
  • Simple to use: takes just two lines of code to fetch a request
  • Callbacks are delegate/selector pairs or blocks
  • Flexible cookie storage
  • Caching of ETagged responses, reducing overhead of redundant fetches
  • Automatic retry on errors, with exponential backoff
  • Support for generating multipart MIME upload streams
  • Easy, convenient logging of http requests and responses
  • Fully independent of other projects

To get started with GTM HTTP Fetcher and the Objective-C Client Library, read the wiki.

If you have a problem, please join the GTM discussion group or submit an issue.