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/* Copyright (c) 2010 Google Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
// GTMHTTPFetcherService.h
// The fetcher service class maintains a history to be used by a sequence
// of fetchers objects generated by the service.
// Fetchers that do not need to share a history may be generated independently,
// like
// GTMHTTPFetcher* myFetcher = [GTMHTTPFetcher fetcherWithRequest:request];
// Fetchers that should share cookies or an ETagged data cache should be
// generated by a common GTMHTTPFetcherService instance, like
// GTMHTTPFetcherService *myFetcherService = [[GTMHTTPFetcherService alloc] init];
// GTMHTTPFetcher* myFirstFetcher = [myFetcherService fetcherWithRequest:request1];
// GTMHTTPFetcher* mySecondFetcher = [myFetcherService fetcherWithRequest:request2];
#import "GTMHTTPFetcher.h"
#import "GTMHTTPFetchHistory.h"
@interface GTMHTTPFetcherService : NSObject<GTMHTTPFetcherServiceProtocol> {
NSMutableDictionary *delayedHosts_;
NSMutableDictionary *runningHosts_;
NSUInteger maxRunningFetchersPerHost_;
GTMHTTPFetchHistory *fetchHistory_;
NSOperationQueue *delegateQueue_;
NSArray *runLoopModes_;
NSString *userAgent_;
NSTimeInterval timeout_;
NSURLCredential *credential_; // username & password
NSURLCredential *proxyCredential_; // credential supplied to proxy servers
NSInteger cookieStorageMethod_;
NSArray *allowedInsecureSchemes_;
BOOL allowLocalhostRequest_;
BOOL shouldFetchInBackground_;
id <GTMFetcherAuthorizationProtocol> authorizer_;
// Create a fetcher
// These methods will return an autoreleased fetcher, but if
// the fetcher is successfully created, the connection will retain the
// fetcher for the life of the connection as well. So the caller doesn't have
// to retain the fetcher explicitly unless they want to be able to monitor
// or cancel it.
- (GTMHTTPFetcher *)fetcherWithRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request;
- (GTMHTTPFetcher *)fetcherWithURL:(NSURL *)requestURL;
- (GTMHTTPFetcher *)fetcherWithURLString:(NSString *)requestURLString;
- (id)fetcherWithRequest:(NSURLRequest *)request
// Queues of delayed and running fetchers. Each dictionary contains arrays
// of fetchers, keyed by host
// A max value of 0 means no fetchers should be delayed.
// The default limit is 10 simultaneous fetchers targeting each host.
@property (assign) NSUInteger maxRunningFetchersPerHost;
@property (retain, readonly) NSDictionary *delayedHosts;
@property (retain, readonly) NSDictionary *runningHosts;
- (BOOL)isDelayingFetcher:(GTMHTTPFetcher *)fetcher;
- (NSUInteger)numberOfFetchers; // running + delayed fetchers
- (NSUInteger)numberOfRunningFetchers;
- (NSUInteger)numberOfDelayedFetchers;
// Search for running or delayed fetchers with the specified URL.
// Returns an array of fetcher objects found, or nil if none found.
- (NSArray *)issuedFetchersWithRequestURL:(NSURL *)requestURL;
- (void)stopAllFetchers;
// Properties to be applied to each fetcher;
// see GTMHTTPFetcher.h for descriptions
@property (copy) NSString *userAgent;
@property (assign) NSTimeInterval timeout;
@property (retain) NSOperationQueue *delegateQueue;
@property (retain) NSArray *runLoopModes;
@property (retain) NSURLCredential *credential;
@property (retain) NSURLCredential *proxyCredential;
@property (assign) BOOL shouldFetchInBackground;
@property (copy) NSArray *allowedInsecureSchemes;
@property (assign) BOOL allowLocalhostRequest;
// Fetch history
@property (retain) GTMHTTPFetchHistory *fetchHistory;
@property (assign) NSInteger cookieStorageMethod;
@property (assign) BOOL shouldRememberETags; // default: NO
@property (assign) BOOL shouldCacheETaggedData; // default: NO
- (void)clearETaggedDataCache;
- (void)clearHistory;
@property (nonatomic, retain) id <GTMFetcherAuthorizationProtocol> authorizer;
// Spin the run loop, discarding events, until all running and delayed fetchers
// have completed
// This is only for use in testing or in tools without a user interface.
// Synchronous fetches should never be done by shipping apps; they are
// sufficient reason for rejection from the app store.
- (void)waitForCompletionOfAllFetchersWithTimeout:(NSTimeInterval)timeoutInSeconds;