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# Copyright 2014 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A clone of the default copy.deepcopy that doesn't handle cyclic
structures or complex types except for dicts and lists. This is
because gyp copies so large structure that small copy overhead ends up
taking seconds in a project the size of Chromium."""
class Error(Exception):
__all__ = ["Error", "deepcopy"]
def deepcopy(x):
"""Deep copy operation on gyp objects such as strings, ints, dicts
and lists. More than twice as fast as copy.deepcopy but much less
return _deepcopy_dispatch[type(x)](x)
except KeyError:
raise Error('Unsupported type %s for deepcopy. Use copy.deepcopy ' +
'or expand simple_copy support.' % type(x))
_deepcopy_dispatch = d = {}
def _deepcopy_atomic(x):
return x
_string_types = (str, unicode)
# There's no unicode in python3
except NameError:
_string_types = (str, )
_integer_types = (int, long)
# There's no long in python3
except NameError:
_integer_types = (int, )
for x in (type(None), float, bool, type) + _integer_types + _string_types:
d[x] = _deepcopy_atomic
def _deepcopy_list(x):
return [deepcopy(a) for a in x]
d[list] = _deepcopy_list
def _deepcopy_dict(x):
y = {}
for key, value in x.items():
y[deepcopy(key)] = deepcopy(value)
return y
d[dict] = _deepcopy_dict
del d