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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os.path
import re
import sys
import pep8
from pep8 import Checker, StyleGuide, BaseReport, StandardReport, readlines
SELFTEST_REGEX = re.compile(r'\b(Okay|[EW]\d{3}):\s(.*)')
class TestReport(StandardReport):
"""Collect the results for the tests."""
def __init__(self, options):
options.benchmark_keys += ['test cases', 'failed tests']
super(TestReport, self).__init__(options)
self._verbose = options.verbose
def get_file_results(self):
# Check if the expected errors were found
label = '%s:%s:1' % (self.filename, self.line_offset)
codes = sorted(self.expected)
for code in codes:
if not self.counters.get(code):
self.file_errors += 1
self.total_errors += 1
print('%s: error %s not found' % (label, code))
if self._verbose and not self.file_errors:
print('%s: passed (%s)' %
(label, ' '.join(codes) or 'Okay'))
self.counters['test cases'] += 1
if self.file_errors:
self.counters['failed tests'] += 1
# Reset counters
for key in set(self.counters) - set(self._benchmark_keys):
del self.counters[key]
self.messages = {}
return self.file_errors
def print_results(self):
results = ("%(physical lines)d lines tested: %(files)d files, "
"%(test cases)d test cases%%s." % self.counters)
if self.total_errors:
print(results % ", %s failures" % self.total_errors)
print(results % "")
print("Test failed." if self.total_errors else "Test passed.")
def init_tests(pep8style):
Initialize testing framework.
A test file can provide many tests. Each test starts with a
declaration. This declaration is a single line starting with '#:'.
It declares codes of expected failures, separated by spaces or 'Okay'
if no failure is expected.
If the file does not contain such declaration, it should pass all
tests. If the declaration is empty, following lines are not checked,
until next declaration.
* Only E224 and W701 are expected: #: E224 W701
* Following example is conform: #: Okay
* Don't check these lines: #:
report = pep8style.init_report(TestReport)
runner = pep8style.input_file
def run_tests(filename):
"""Run all the tests from a file."""
lines = readlines(filename) + ['#:\n']
line_offset = 0
codes = ['Okay']
testcase = []
count_files = report.counters['files']
for index, line in enumerate(lines):
if not line.startswith('#:'):
if codes:
# Collect the lines of the test case
if codes and index:
codes = [c for c in codes if c != 'Okay']
# Run the checker
runner(filename, testcase, expected=codes,
# output the real line numbers
line_offset = index + 1
# configure the expected errors
codes = line.split()[1:]
# empty the test case buffer
del testcase[:]
report.counters['files'] = count_files + 1
return report.counters['failed tests']
pep8style.runner = run_tests
def selftest(options):
Test all check functions with test cases in docstrings.
count_failed = count_all = 0
report = BaseReport(options)
counters = report.counters
checks = options.physical_checks + options.logical_checks
for name, check, argument_names in checks:
for line in check.__doc__.splitlines():
line = line.lstrip()
match = SELFTEST_REGEX.match(line)
if match is None:
code, source = match.groups()
lines = [part.replace(r'\t', '\t') + '\n'
for part in source.split(r'\n')]
checker = Checker(lines=lines, options=options, report=report)
error = None
if code == 'Okay':
if len(counters) > len(options.benchmark_keys):
codes = [key for key in counters
if key not in options.benchmark_keys]
error = "incorrectly found %s" % ', '.join(codes)
elif not counters.get(code):
error = "failed to find %s" % code
# Keep showing errors for multiple tests
for key in set(counters) - set(options.benchmark_keys):
del counters[key]
report.messages = {}
count_all += 1
if not error:
if options.verbose:
print("%s: %s" % (code, source))
count_failed += 1
print("%s: %s:" % (pep8.__file__, error))
for line in checker.lines:
return count_failed, count_all
def run_tests(style, doctest=True, testsuite=False):
options = style.options
if doctest:
import doctest
fail_d, done_d = doctest.testmod(report=False, verbose=options.verbose)
fail_s, done_s = selftest(options)
count_failed = fail_s + fail_d
if not options.quiet:
count_passed = done_d + done_s - count_failed
print("%d passed and %d failed." % (count_passed, count_failed))
print("Test failed." if count_failed else "Test passed.")
if count_failed:
if testsuite:
return style.check_files()
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
pep8style = StyleGuide(paths=[os.path.dirname(__file__)], ignore=None)
report = run_tests(pep8style, doctest=True, testsuite=True)
sys.exit(1 if report.total_errors else 0)