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  1. 0377075 Merge pull request #1473 from qkmiao/fix-readPixels by zhenyao · 6 hours ago master
  2. acb2e5a Fix readPixels with GL_ALPHA format by Qiankun Miao · 6 hours ago
  3. 4d4eaae Merge pull request #1471 from bkotzz/fix_instanceof_test by Ken Russell · 21 hours ago
  4. 2d00c13 When we load the shader source from setupProgram, we check for GL errors, assuming that they would've been set from the preceding function call. However, a GL error that is set during one of the instanceof tests won't be caught until setting up the program, and would be incorrectly attributed to a problem with loading the shaders. To fix this, we check for errors after each GL call, if only for the purpose of clearing the flag. by Brad Kotsopoulos · 28 hours ago
  5. 4ff18b9 Merge pull request #1470 from kenrussell/fix-typo by Ken Russell · 33 hours ago

The Official Khronos WebGL Repository

This is the official home of the Khronos WebGL repository for the WebGL specifications and the WebGL conformance test suite.

Before adding a new test or editing an existing test please read these guidelines.

You can find live versions of the specifications at

The newest work in progress WebGL conformance test suite for the next version of the spec can be accessed at.

Official live versions of the conformance test suite can be found at

The WebGL Wiki can be found here

Cloning this repository

When cloning this repository please pass the –recursive flag to git:

git clone --recursive [URL]

This will properly install the WebGLDeveloperTools repository as a git submodule under sdk/devtools/.