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liblouis 2.6.2 has been released
The liblouis developer team is proud to announce the liblouis release
2.6.2 The release is available for download at:
Liblouis is an open-source braille translator and back-translator. It
features support for computer, literary and math braille, supports
contracted and uncontracted translation for many, many languages[1].
It plays an important role in an open source accessibility stack and
is used by screenreaders such as NVDA and Orca. A companion project
liblouisutdml[2] deals with formatting of braille.
Changes in this release
This release, which was mostly pushed out the door by Bert and Mesar,
fixes a long standing emphasis bug, adds more functionality to the
harness test suite and improves, as usual, on Braille tables. Notably
there is a brand new finish table backed by Celia.
New features
- Harness tests now can test for typeform differences.
Bug fixes
- Fix for emphasis bug, thanks to Michael Gray
Braille table improvements
- Correction to comments in Norwegian generic tables, thanks to Lars
- Corrections to dot patterns in no-no-g0.utb thanks to Lars Bjørndal
- Corrections and additional test cases for Hungarian grade 1, thanks
to Hammer Attila.
- New 6-dot table for Finnish thanks to Jukka Eerikäinen from Celia.
The existing tables for Finnish were 8-dot, but there is an official
specification only for 6-dot braille in Finnish.
Next release
The next release will be published on June 1st 2015 so please keep
those improvements coming.
Share and Enjoy!
-- Christian Egli, on behalf of the liblouis developers
[1] See
[2] See