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liblouis 3.9.0 has been released
The liblouis developer team is proud to announce the liblouis release
3.9.0. The release is available for download at:
Liblouis is an open-source braille translator and back-translator. It
features support for computer, literary and math braille, supports
contracted and uncontracted translation for many, many languages[1].
It plays an important role in an open source accessibility stack and
is used by screenreaders such as NVDA, Orca and JAWS. A companion
project liblouisutdml[2] deals with formatting of braille.
Changes in this release
This release has seen a tremendous amount of work by Bert Frees. He
was instrumental in pushing the improvements for Latvian, Norwegian
and Slovenian. But most prominently he pushed the big change for space
and control character handling through the door. These characters are
now no longer hard coded in liblouis. This should solve a few long
standing issues. Other than that there is the usual assortment of code
improvements and cleanups.
For a detailed list of all the changes refer to the list of closed
New features
- None
Bug fixes
- Fix a problem in the callback registration in the Python bindings
thanks to Leonard de Ruijter.
- Fixed memory leaks created by block scope compound literals thanks
to Martin Gieseking.
- The hard coded rules dealing with white space have been replaced
with a normal table that is included in all tables. This fixes a
number of bugs to do with space and control characters. This (big)
change has been brewing for a couple of releases and has finally
landed. Thanks to Christian Egli and Bert Frees.
Braille table improvements
- Major extension of the German 8 dot computer braille table thanks to
Ali-Riza Ciftcioglu. For example the Euro sign or quote characters
are finally defined.
- Fix a few issues with Hungarian grade1 and grade2 Braille thanks to
Attila Hammer.
- Various improvements to Norwegian thanks to Lars Bjørndal, Jostein
Austvik Jacobsen, Ammar Usama and Bert Frees.
- Updates to Bopomofo-based Chinese Braille thanks to Sponge Jhan:
Improved Braille representation of Chinese characters, and rewritten
Kana rules using multipass statements.
- Implement the new Slovenian Braille standard thanks to Robert Merič
and Bert Frees.
- Updates to Latvian Grade 1 Braille thanks to Artis Raugulis and Bert
- Fixes to English, U.S. Grade 2 (ABAE) thanks to jdatray.
Other changes
- Don't search for tables in `/usr/local/share/liblouis/tables' (or
the Windows equivalent) if `LOUIS_TABLEPATH' is set.
- The log levels in `liblouis.h' are no longer exposed as `LOG_FOO'
but instead are now prefixed. So `LOG_WARN' becomes `LOU_LOG_WARN'
for example to issue a warning from a C program using liblouis. The
actual values remain the same, so the ABI remains stable.
Deprecation notice
- The `locale' opcode was never implemented and was just silently
ignored. It is now removed from the tables and and a warning will be
issued if it is found in a table.
Backwards incompatible changes
- None
New, renamed or removed tables
- None
- None
- None
Next release
The next release will be published on June 3 2019 so please keep up
the excellent work and keep those improvements coming.
Share and Enjoy!
-- Christian Egli, on behalf of the liblouis developers