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  1. 0405d77 GlobalISel (AArch64): fix ABI at border between GPRs and SP. by Tim Northover · 17 minutes ago master
  2. 6125770 PR34161: support evaluation of 'void()' expressions in C++14 onwards. by Richard Smith · 4 hours ago
  3. d4d1287 Unguarded availability diagnoser should use TraverseStmt instead of by Alex Lorenz · 9 hours ago
  4. 05fae15 Print enum constant values using the original source formatting by Alex Lorenz · 10 hours ago
  5. 5f96802 Fix undefined behavior that is caused by not always initializing a bool. by Daniel Jasper · 17 hours ago
  6. 4f7bf02 Further refactoring of the constant emitter. NFC. by John McCall · 18 hours ago
  7. 0b20214 [analyzer] Add support for reference counting of parameters on the callee side by Devin Coughlin · 19 hours ago
  8. 1cfec5f [index] Add indexing for unresolved-using declarations by Ben Langmuir · 24 hours ago
  9. 3f14dde Fix typos in comments; NFC by George Burgess IV · 25 hours ago
  10. ccfbe43 Don't use -no-integrated-as in test/Driver/opt-record.c by Hal Finkel · 26 hours ago
  11. 7cf32f2 Base optimization-record file names on the final output by Hal Finkel · 26 hours ago
  12. b35b2a4 Use the file name from linemarker for debug info if an input is preprocessed source. by Taewook Oh · 28 hours ago
  13. f93e6de [Driver] SafeStack does not need a runtime library on Fuchsia by Petr Hosek · 28 hours ago
  14. f214032 [CMake] Build sanitized C++ runtimes for Fuchsia by Petr Hosek · 28 hours ago
  15. 5b63710 [OPENMP] Fix for PR28581: OpenMP linear clause - wrong results. by Alexey Bataev · 32 hours ago
  16. 1b99a79 [OPRNMP] Fix for PR33445: ICE: OpenMP target containing ordered for. by Alexey Bataev · 34 hours ago
  17. bd9cd0b Fix a UBSan failure where this boolean was copied when uninitialized. by Chandler Carruth · 2 days ago
  18. ceaaae6 Fix comments about __OPENCL_MEMORY_SCOPE_* macros by Yaxun Liu · 2 days ago
  19. f15cce0 PR19668, PR23034: Fix handling of move constructors and deleted copy by Richard Smith · 2 days ago
  20. 8cb2a61 Add test that we get the correct calling convention and mangling for va_list. by Richard Smith · 2 days ago