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  1. a45d5bb [test] Fix clang-test for FreeBSD and NetBSD by Tim Shen · 49 minutes ago master
  2. bca81dc Unnamed bitfields don't block constant evaluation of constexpr ctors by Jordan Rose · 2 hours ago
  3. fbbb8c1 Fix template parameter default args missed if redecled by Erich Keane · 2 hours ago
  4. 9f1735d [Analyzer] Fix for the memory leak: fix typo in if-statement. by George Karpenkov · 3 hours ago
  5. 68518a4 [Analyzer] Handle implicit function reference in bodyfarming std::call_once by George Karpenkov · 4 hours ago
  6. 2b1d1f0 [Analyzer] Do not use static storage to for implementations created in BodyFarm.cpp by George Karpenkov · 4 hours ago
  7. 117339c [analyzer] Fix handling of labels in getLValueElement by Alexander Shaposhnikov · 4 hours ago
  8. b1ead8b [Sema] Add support for flexible array members in Obj-C. by Volodymyr Sapsai · 6 hours ago
  9. 96af676 [Driver] Use ld.lld directly for Fuchsia rather than passing flavor by Petr Hosek · 6 hours ago
  10. 13f1a2d [OpenMP] Avoid VLAs for some reductions on array sections by Jonas Hahnfeld · 9 hours ago
  11. 5d08928 CodeGen: Fix invalid bitcast in partial initialization of automatic arrary variable by Yaxun Liu · 10 hours ago
  12. 8b07e28 [ASTMatchers] Expose forEachOverriden in dynamic AST matchers. by Benjamin Kramer · 11 hours ago
  13. e2c4d8a Pull X86 "CPUKind" checking into .cpp file. [NFC] by Erich Keane · 12 hours ago
  14. c5924ad clang-cl: Expose --version. by Nico Weber · 12 hours ago
  15. 4e7c062 [rename] Don't overwrite the template argument when renaming a template function. by Haojian Wu · 19 hours ago
  16. ef34bcb For better compatibility with C++11 and C++14, emit a nondiscardable definition by Richard Smith · 24 hours ago
  17. 45fcc58 [c++2a] Update cxx_status w __VA_OPT__ marked as completed in SVN. by Faisal Vali · 30 hours ago
  18. 54b80d1 Create fewer copies of StringMaps. No functionality change intended. by Benjamin Kramer · 32 hours ago
  19. f027325 [C++17] Fix PR34970 - tweak overload resolution for class template deduction-guides in line with WG21's p0620r0. by Faisal Vali · 2 days ago
  20. b997435 Reverting r316278 due to failing build bots. by Aaron Ballman · 2 days ago