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  1. 3f8116e [OpenCL] reserve_id_t cannot be used as argument to kernel function by Egor Churaev · 89 minutes ago master
  2. 6fc696b [OpenCL] Added regression test on invalid vector initialization. by Egor Churaev · 2 hours ago
  3. 28be04d [coroutines] Fix fallthrough diagnostics for coroutines by Eric Fiselier · 7 hours ago
  4. 03e95d2 Revert "Sema: allow imaginary constants via GNU extension if UDL overloads not present." by Tim Northover · 10 hours ago
  5. 5497518 Basic: fix whitespace in file header (NFC) by Saleem Abdulrasool · 12 hours ago
  6. 61d1d59 [coroutines] Add support for coroutines with non-scalar parameters by Gor Nishanov · 13 hours ago
  7. b28d2ee For Microsoft compatibility, set fno_operator_names by Erich Keane · 13 hours ago
  8. 3143081 Address follow-up feedback for r303712 by Argyrios Kyrtzidis · 14 hours ago
  9. aadd320 Fix one test case faiulre in commit 303766. by Tony Jiang · 15 hours ago
  10. e4bf08d [OPENMP] Allow value of thread local variables in target regions. by Alexey Bataev · 17 hours ago
  11. bee521a [PowerPC] Implement vec_xxsldwi builtin. by Tony Jiang · 17 hours ago
  12. 428da5f [coroutines] Make generic lambda coroutines work by Gor Nishanov · 17 hours ago
  13. aa8caae Warn about uses of `@available` that can't suppress the by Alex Lorenz · 18 hours ago
  14. 4afc97f [PowerPC] Implement vec_xxpermdi builtin. by Tony Jiang · 18 hours ago
  15. 4e7d2c5 Driver must return non-zero code on errors in command line by Serge Pavlov · 18 hours ago
  16. 1ec9218 Generalize two diagnostic messages to take function name as parameter. by Tony Jiang · 18 hours ago
  17. cc24382 [coroutines] Improved diagnostics when unhandled_exception is missing in the promise_type by Gor Nishanov · 18 hours ago
  18. fa589cc [index] The references to explicit class properties should be recorded by Alex Lorenz · 18 hours ago
  19. a7e2c91 [coroutines] [NFC] Add tests for return_void, unhandled_exception and promise dtor by Gor Nishanov · 18 hours ago
  20. 59a0553 [clang-format] Remove unused using directive, NFC by Krasimir Georgiev · 21 hours ago