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  1. 11150da [CodeGen][ObjC] Fix GNU's encoding of bit-field ivars. by Akira Hatanaka · 2 hours ago master
  2. 0113b11 Remove redundant check. by Richard Smith · 6 hours ago
  3. af487b8 Fix this test to use a construct that actually forces struct layout to happen when testing -Wpadded. by Richard Smith · 7 hours ago
  4. 6eb5127 AST: enhance mangling for blocks with MS ABI by Saleem Abdulrasool · 7 hours ago
  5. 74dbb6c Revert r301742, which caused us to try to evaluate all full-expressions. by Richard Smith · 8 hours ago
  6. 3cbedc8 [clang] Enable printf check for CFIndex by Alexander Shaposhnikov · 8 hours ago
  7. 6cfb5bf Check that the initializer of a non-dependent constexpr variable is constant even within templates. by Richard Smith · 10 hours ago
  8. f2468c5 Remove some redundant setup when preprocessing .pcm files. by Richard Smith · 11 hours ago
  9. 9e788cd When preprocessing with -frewrite-imports and -fmodule-file=, do not pass all by Richard Smith · 11 hours ago
  10. b6301ce [Sema] Fix a crash-on-invalid when a template parameter list has a class by Akira Hatanaka · 12 hours ago
  11. 0426124 [inline asm] dot operator while using imm generates wrong ir + asm - clang part by Marina Yatsina · 15 hours ago
  12. 0adbf0f [inline asm][gcc-compatiblity] "=i" output constraint support by Marina Yatsina · 15 hours ago
  13. 5a9269f Improve const-correctness. by Axel Naumann · 16 hours ago
  14. 703b841 [mips] Enable IAS by default for Android 64-bit MIPS target (N64) by Petar Jovanovic · 21 hours ago
  15. 5e20da5 Testcase missed from r306075. by Richard Smith · 26 hours ago
  16. 9aa5da9 clang-format - Also reference the list of style option of clang-format in Libformat by Sylvestre Ledru · 28 hours ago
  17. 6bbba4b Fix a typo by Sylvestre Ledru · 28 hours ago
  18. 908e5ec [bash-autocompletion] Delete space after flags which has '=' prefix by Yuka Takahashi · 30 hours ago
  19. 5ffe2de Add support for Ananas platform by Ed Schouten · 2 days ago
  20. 283ac36 Add a warning to a group by Vedant Kumar · 3 days ago