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//===--- CodeGenTBAA.h - TBAA information for LLVM CodeGen ------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This is the code that manages TBAA information and defines the TBAA policy
// for the optimizer to use.
#include "clang/AST/Type.h"
#include "clang/Basic/LLVM.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/DenseMap.h"
#include "llvm/IR/MDBuilder.h"
#include "llvm/IR/Metadata.h"
namespace clang {
class ASTContext;
class CodeGenOptions;
class LangOptions;
class MangleContext;
class QualType;
class Type;
namespace CodeGen {
class CGRecordLayout;
// TBAAAccessKind - A kind of TBAA memory access descriptor.
enum class TBAAAccessKind : unsigned {
// TBAAAccessInfo - Describes a memory access in terms of TBAA.
struct TBAAAccessInfo {
TBAAAccessInfo(TBAAAccessKind Kind, llvm::MDNode *BaseType,
llvm::MDNode *AccessType, uint64_t Offset)
: Kind(Kind), BaseType(BaseType), AccessType(AccessType), Offset(Offset)
TBAAAccessInfo(llvm::MDNode *BaseType, llvm::MDNode *AccessType,
uint64_t Offset)
: TBAAAccessInfo(TBAAAccessKind::Ordinary, BaseType, AccessType, Offset)
explicit TBAAAccessInfo(llvm::MDNode *AccessType)
: TBAAAccessInfo(/* BaseType= */ nullptr, AccessType, /* Offset= */ 0)
: TBAAAccessInfo(/* AccessType= */ nullptr)
static TBAAAccessInfo getMayAliasInfo() {
return TBAAAccessInfo(TBAAAccessKind::MayAlias, /* BaseType= */ nullptr,
/* AccessType= */ nullptr, /* Offset= */ 0);
bool isMayAlias() const { return Kind == TBAAAccessKind::MayAlias; }
bool operator==(const TBAAAccessInfo &Other) const {
return Kind == Other.Kind &&
BaseType == Other.BaseType &&
AccessType == Other.AccessType &&
Offset == Other.Offset;
bool operator!=(const TBAAAccessInfo &Other) const {
return !(*this == Other);
explicit operator bool() const {
return *this != TBAAAccessInfo();
/// Kind - The kind of the access descriptor.
TBAAAccessKind Kind;
/// BaseType - The base/leading access type. May be null if this access
/// descriptor represents an access that is not considered to be an access
/// to an aggregate or union member.
llvm::MDNode *BaseType;
/// AccessType - The final access type. May be null if there is no TBAA
/// information available about this access.
llvm::MDNode *AccessType;
/// Offset - The byte offset of the final access within the base one. Must be
/// zero if the base access type is not specified.
uint64_t Offset;
/// CodeGenTBAA - This class organizes the cross-module state that is used
/// while lowering AST types to LLVM types.
class CodeGenTBAA {
ASTContext &Context;
const CodeGenOptions &CodeGenOpts;
const LangOptions &Features;
MangleContext &MContext;
// MDHelper - Helper for creating metadata.
llvm::MDBuilder MDHelper;
/// MetadataCache - This maps clang::Types to scalar llvm::MDNodes describing
/// them.
llvm::DenseMap<const Type *, llvm::MDNode *> MetadataCache;
/// This maps clang::Types to a base access type in the type DAG.
llvm::DenseMap<const Type *, llvm::MDNode *> BaseTypeMetadataCache;
/// This maps TBAA access descriptors to tag nodes.
llvm::DenseMap<TBAAAccessInfo, llvm::MDNode *> AccessTagMetadataCache;
/// StructMetadataCache - This maps clang::Types to llvm::MDNodes describing
/// them for struct assignments.
llvm::DenseMap<const Type *, llvm::MDNode *> StructMetadataCache;
llvm::MDNode *Root;
llvm::MDNode *Char;
/// getRoot - This is the mdnode for the root of the metadata type graph
/// for this translation unit.
llvm::MDNode *getRoot();
/// getChar - This is the mdnode for "char", which is special, and any types
/// considered to be equivalent to it.
llvm::MDNode *getChar();
/// CollectFields - Collect information about the fields of a type for
/// !tbaa.struct metadata formation. Return false for an unsupported type.
bool CollectFields(uint64_t BaseOffset,
QualType Ty,
SmallVectorImpl<llvm::MDBuilder::TBAAStructField> &Fields,
bool MayAlias);
/// A wrapper function to create a scalar type. For struct-path aware TBAA,
/// the scalar type has the same format as the struct type: name, offset,
/// pointer to another node in the type DAG.
llvm::MDNode *createTBAAScalarType(StringRef Name, llvm::MDNode *Parent);
CodeGenTBAA(ASTContext &Ctx, llvm::LLVMContext &VMContext,
const CodeGenOptions &CGO,
const LangOptions &Features,
MangleContext &MContext);
/// getTypeInfo - Get metadata used to describe accesses to objects of the
/// given type.
llvm::MDNode *getTypeInfo(QualType QTy);
/// getVTablePtrAccessInfo - Get the TBAA information that describes an
/// access to a virtual table pointer.
TBAAAccessInfo getVTablePtrAccessInfo();
/// getTBAAStructInfo - Get the TBAAStruct MDNode to be used for a memcpy of
/// the given type.
llvm::MDNode *getTBAAStructInfo(QualType QTy);
/// getBaseTypeInfo - Get metadata that describes the given base access type.
/// Return null if the type is not suitable for use in TBAA access tags.
llvm::MDNode *getBaseTypeInfo(QualType QTy);
/// getAccessTagInfo - Get TBAA tag for a given memory access.
llvm::MDNode *getAccessTagInfo(TBAAAccessInfo Info);
/// mergeTBAAInfoForCast - Get merged TBAA information for the purpose of
/// type casts.
TBAAAccessInfo mergeTBAAInfoForCast(TBAAAccessInfo SourceInfo,
TBAAAccessInfo TargetInfo);
/// mergeTBAAInfoForConditionalOperator - Get merged TBAA information for the
/// purpose of conditional operator.
TBAAAccessInfo mergeTBAAInfoForConditionalOperator(TBAAAccessInfo InfoA,
TBAAAccessInfo InfoB);
} // end namespace CodeGen
} // end namespace clang
namespace llvm {
template<> struct DenseMapInfo<clang::CodeGen::TBAAAccessInfo> {
static clang::CodeGen::TBAAAccessInfo getEmptyKey() {
unsigned UnsignedKey = DenseMapInfo<unsigned>::getEmptyKey();
return clang::CodeGen::TBAAAccessInfo(
DenseMapInfo<MDNode *>::getEmptyKey(),
DenseMapInfo<MDNode *>::getEmptyKey(),
static clang::CodeGen::TBAAAccessInfo getTombstoneKey() {
unsigned UnsignedKey = DenseMapInfo<unsigned>::getTombstoneKey();
return clang::CodeGen::TBAAAccessInfo(
DenseMapInfo<MDNode *>::getTombstoneKey(),
DenseMapInfo<MDNode *>::getTombstoneKey(),
static unsigned getHashValue(const clang::CodeGen::TBAAAccessInfo &Val) {
auto KindValue = static_cast<unsigned>(Val.Kind);
return DenseMapInfo<unsigned>::getHashValue(KindValue) ^
DenseMapInfo<MDNode *>::getHashValue(Val.BaseType) ^
DenseMapInfo<MDNode *>::getHashValue(Val.AccessType) ^
static bool isEqual(const clang::CodeGen::TBAAAccessInfo &LHS,
const clang::CodeGen::TBAAAccessInfo &RHS) {
return LHS == RHS;
} // end namespace llvm