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;;; clang-rename.el --- Renames every occurrence of a symbol found at <offset>. -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Keywords: tools, c
;;; Commentary:
;; To install clang-rename.el make sure the directory of this file is in your
;; `load-path' and add
;; (require 'clang-rename)
;; to your .emacs configuration.
;;; Code:
(defgroup clang-rename nil
"Integration with clang-rename"
:group 'c)
(defcustom clang-rename-binary "clang-rename"
"Path to clang-rename executable."
:type '(file :must-match t)
:group 'clang-rename)
(defun clang-rename (new-name)
"Rename all instances of the symbol at point to NEW-NAME using clang-rename."
(interactive "sEnter a new name: ")
(save-some-buffers :all)
;; clang-rename should not be combined with other operations when undoing.
(let ((output-buffer (get-buffer-create "*clang-rename*")))
(with-current-buffer output-buffer (erase-buffer))
(let ((exit-code (call-process
clang-rename-binary nil output-buffer nil
(format "-offset=%d"
;; clang-rename wants file (byte) offsets, not
;; buffer (character) positions.
;; Emacs treats one character after a symbol as
;; part of the symbol, but clang-rename doesn’t.
;; Use the beginning of the current symbol, if
;; available, to resolve the inconsistency.
(or (car (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'symbol))
(format "-new-name=%s" new-name)
"-i" (buffer-file-name))))
(if (and (integerp exit-code) (zerop exit-code))
;; Success; revert current buffer so it gets the modifications.
(kill-buffer output-buffer)
(revert-buffer :ignore-auto :noconfirm :preserve-modes))
;; Failure; append exit code to output buffer and display it.
(let ((message (clang-rename--format-message
"clang-rename failed with %s %s"
(if (integerp exit-code) "exit status" "signal")
(with-current-buffer output-buffer
(insert ?\n message ?\n))
(message "%s" message)
(display-buffer output-buffer))))))
(defalias 'clang-rename--bufferpos-to-filepos
(if (fboundp 'bufferpos-to-filepos)
;; Emacs 24 doesn’t have ‘bufferpos-to-filepos’, simulate it using
;; ‘position-bytes’.
(lambda (position &optional _quality _coding-system)
(1- (position-bytes position)))))
;; ‘format-message’ is new in Emacs 25.1. Provide a fallback for older
;; versions.
(defalias 'clang-rename--format-message
(if (fboundp 'format-message) 'format-message 'format))
(provide 'clang-rename)
;;; clang-rename.el ends here