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Checks: '-*,clang-diagnostic-*,llvm-*,misc-*,-misc-unused-parameters,-misc-non-private-member-variables-in-classes,-readability-identifier-naming'
# Note that the readability-identifier-naming check is disabled, there are too
# many violations in the codebase and they create too much noise in clang-tidy
# results.
# Naming settings are kept for documentation purposes and allowing to run the
# check if the users would override this file, e.g. via a command-line arg.
- key: readability-identifier-naming.ClassCase
value: CamelCase
- key: readability-identifier-naming.EnumCase
value: CamelCase
- key: readability-identifier-naming.FunctionCase
value: camelBack
- key: readability-identifier-naming.MemberCase
value: CamelCase
- key: readability-identifier-naming.ParameterCase
value: CamelCase
- key: readability-identifier-naming.UnionCase
value: CamelCase
- key: readability-identifier-naming.VariableCase
value: CamelCase