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// FIXME(dliew): We currently have to use module map for this test due to the atos
// symbolizer changing the module name from an absolute path to just the file name.
// rdar://problem/49784442
// Simulate partial symbolication (can happen with %L specifier) by printing
// out %L's fallback which will print the module name and offset instead of a
// source location.
// RUN: %clangxx_asan -O0 -g %s -o %t.executable
// RUN: %env_asan_opts=symbolize=1,print_module_map=1,stack_trace_format='" #%%n %%p %%F %%M"' not %run %t.executable > %t.log 2>&1
// RUN: FileCheck -input-file=%t.log -check-prefix=CHECK-PS %s
// Now try to full symbolicate using the module map.
// RUN: %asan_symbolize --module-map %t.log --force-system-symbolizer < %t.log > %t.fully_symbolized
// RUN: FileCheck -input-file=%t.fully_symbolized -check-prefix=CHECK-FS %s
#include <cstdlib>
// Partially symbolicated back-trace where symbol is available but
// source location is not and instead module name and offset are
// printed.
// CHECK-PS: WRITE of size 4
// CHECK-PS: #0 0x{{.+}} in foo ({{.+}}.executable:{{.+}}+0x{{.+}})
// CHECK-PS: #1 0x{{.+}} in main ({{.+}}.executable:{{.+}}+0x{{.+}})
// CHECK-FS: WRITE of size 4
extern "C" void foo(int* a) {
// CHECK-FS: #0 0x{{.+}} in foo {{.*}}[[@LINE+1]]
*a = 5;
int main() {
int* a = (int*) malloc(sizeof(int));
if (!a)
return 0;
// CHECK-FS: #1 0x{{.+}} in main {{.*}}[[@LINE+1]]
return 0;