[libFuzzer] Improve FuzzedDataProvider helper.

The following changes are made based on the feedback from Tim King:
- Removed default template parameters, to have less assumptions.
- Implemented `ConsumeBytesWithTerminator` method.
- Made `PickValueInArray` method work with `initializer_list` argument.
- Got rid of `data_type` type alias, that was redundant.
- Refactored `ConsumeBytes` logic into a private method for better code reuse.
- Replaced implementation defined unsigned to signed conversion.
- Fixed `ConsumeRandomLengthString` to always call `shrink_to_fit`.
- Clarified and fixed some commments.
- Applied clang-format to both the library and the unittest source.

Tested on Linux, Mac, Windows.

Reviewers: morehouse, metzman

Reviewed By: morehouse

Subscribers: delcypher, #sanitizers, llvm-commits, kcc

Tags: #llvm, #sanitizers

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D63348

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