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  1. d7a83f9 Revert r361644, "[AMDGPU] Divergence driven ISel. Assign register class for cross block values according to the divergence." by Peter Collingbourne · 2 hours ago master
  2. 6a44b6a Revert "[Analysis] Link library dependencies to Analysis plugins" by Akira Hatanaka · 3 hours ago
  3. 501528f Rename clangToolingRefactor to clangToolingRefactoring for consistency with its directory by Nico Weber · 3 hours ago
  4. dfdc12c llvm-dwarfdump: Don't error on mixed units using/not using str_offsets by David Blaikie · 3 hours ago
  5. 6167af3 [GlobalISel][AArch64] Make FP constraint checks consider possible use/def banks by Jessica Paquette · 4 hours ago
  6. 450e830 [GlobalISel][AArch64] NFC: Factor out HasFPConstraints into a proper function by Jessica Paquette · 5 hours ago
  7. 1a23ac0 [dwarfdump] Add flag to limit the number of parents DIEs by Jonas Devlieghere · 6 hours ago
  8. ea8ee65 Implement call lowering without parameters on AIX by Jason Liu · 7 hours ago
  9. 161c305 [GlobalISel][AArch64] Improve register bank mappings for G_SELECT by Jessica Paquette · 8 hours ago
  10. 5d5f1f6 [AArch64] check for INLINEASM_BR along w/ INLINEASM by Nick Desaulniers · 9 hours ago
  11. d965de3 [ARM] additionally check for ARM::INLINEASM_BR w/ ARM::INLINEASM by Nick Desaulniers · 9 hours ago
  12. 3322604 AMDGPU: Activate all lanes when spilling CSR VGPR for SGPR spills by Matt Arsenault · 9 hours ago
  13. bbaa274 AMDGPU: Boost inline threshold with addrspacecasted alloca arguments by Matt Arsenault · 11 hours ago
  14. cd00f55 [LoopVectorize] update test to be independent of instcombine; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 11 hours ago
  15. 668b968 [CMake] Fix issues building runtimes by Chris Bieneman · 11 hours ago
  16. 6a29119 [AMDGPU] Divergence driven ISel. Assign register class for cross block values according to the divergence. by Alexander Timofeev · 12 hours ago
  17. 67b61d3 [llvm-objcopy] - Strip undefined symbols if they are no longer referenced following --only-section by George Rimar · 13 hours ago
  18. f47cab3 gn build: Merge r361607 by Nico Weber · 13 hours ago
  19. 30d9035 [MCA] Zero-initialize field CRD in InstructionBase. Also run clang-format on a couple of files. NFC by Andrea Di Biagio · 14 hours ago
  20. 7042da0 [llvm-readobj] Implement GNU-style output for dynamic table by Simon Atanasyan · 15 hours ago