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  1. 8f94a55 [Metadata] Replace a SmallVector with an array; NFC by George Burgess IV · 34 minutes ago master
  2. 61d7ed2 [llvm-mca] Minor style changes. NFC by Andrea Di Biagio · 38 minutes ago
  3. c4dcd35 by Guozhi Wei · 41 minutes ago
  4. d82cfba AMDGPU: Fold fneg into fmed3 by Matt Arsenault · 63 minutes ago
  5. 6030329 AMDGPU: Improve extract_vector_elt reduction combine by Matt Arsenault · 75 minutes ago
  6. 5f9b848 AMDGPU: Implement llvm.amdgcn.icmp/fcmp for i16/f16 by Matt Arsenault · 84 minutes ago
  7. ecc9378 [X86] Improve AVX1 shuffle lowering for v8f32 shuffles where the low half comes from V1 and the high half comes from V2 and the halves do the same operation by Craig Topper · 88 minutes ago
  8. 6737250 AMDGPU: Stop producing icmp/fcmp intrinsics with invalid types by Matt Arsenault · 2 hours ago
  9. abf0ee0 AMDGPU: Address todo for handling 1/(2 pi) by Matt Arsenault · 2 hours ago
  10. 982d395 DAG: Use getObjectOffset helper by Matt Arsenault · 2 hours ago
  11. 1cdda23 [TableGen] Remove unnecessary TypeSetByHwMode -> ValueTypeByHwMode -> TypeSetByHwMode conversions in getPatternSize by Simon Pilgrim · 2 hours ago
  12. e79e42e DAG: Try to custom lower when promoting float operands by Matt Arsenault · 2 hours ago
  13. c2a24b8 [MCJIT] Fix a case of Error::success() being passed to report_fatal_error. by Lang Hames · 3 hours ago
  14. 30db32f Revert "[ARM] Allow signed icmps in ARMCodeGenPrepare" by Vitaly Buka · 3 hours ago
  15. e0dc5c1 [Support] Add a basic C API for llvm::Error. by Lang Hames · 4 hours ago
  16. e94c82c [WebAssembly][NFC] Standardize SIMD multiclass format by Thomas Lively · 5 hours ago
  17. a2ac910 llvm-readobj: Fix addend in relocations for android packed format by Peter Collingbourne · 5 hours ago
  18. 8bb6fcb [WebAssembly] Test commit by Thomas Lively · 5 hours ago
  19. 9dfeae4 [InstCombine] Fix IC trying to create a xor of pointer types. by Amara Emerson · 5 hours ago
  20. 41df26a [MemorySSA] Expose the verify as a debug option. by Alina Sbirlea · 5 hours ago