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  1. 74cf586 Reverted r304083 as it seems there is a desire to address this in the googletest. by Galina Kistanova · 54 minutes ago master
  2. 3eda9f2 Added braces to address gcc warning: suggest explicit braces to avoid ambiguous 'else' [-Wdangling-else]. NFC. by Galina Kistanova · 3 hours ago
  3. f1e232d DebugInfo: Add source code/build instructions for split-dwarf-dwp symbolizer test by David Blaikie · 11 hours ago
  4. c60a982 Cloning: Fix debug info cloning by Gor Nishanov · 11 hours ago
  5. b5ac700 Recommit "[DWARF] - Make collectAddressRanges() return section index in addition to Low/High PC" by George Rimar · 13 hours ago
  6. 6788678 [TableGen] Prevent DagInit from leaking its Args and ArgNames when they exceed the size of the SmallVector. by Craig Topper · 13 hours ago
  7. 8e1db25 [TableGen] Use the correct type for the first template for the ListInit TrailingObjects. by Craig Topper · 13 hours ago
  8. 4439d65 [SCEV] Assume parameters coming from function calls contain IVs by Tobias Grosser · 15 hours ago
  9. 8cbe21f [DAGCombiner] use narrow load to avoid vector extract by Sanjay Patel · 17 hours ago
  10. f6f1085 [TableGen] Remove all the static vectors named TheActualPool. by Craig Topper · 25 hours ago
  11. c835f01 [coroutines] Define getPassName() for coroutine passes by Gor Nishanov · 25 hours ago
  12. 78cdf98 [PartialInlining] Replace delete with unique_ptr in computeCallsiteToProfCountMap by Vitaly Buka · 25 hours ago
  13. fda9bcb ScalarEvolution unit test: fix typo that breaks check-all by Gor Nishanov · 25 hours ago
  14. ad7d2c0 Rearrange Dom unittest to accommodate multiple tests by Adam Nemet · 27 hours ago
  15. bfb2ddf clang-format DomTree unittest by Adam Nemet · 27 hours ago
  16. 7b853c5 AArch64/PEI: Do not add reserved regs to liveins by Matthias Braun · 27 hours ago
  17. 65ac22c [SCEVExpander] Try harder to avoid introducing inttoptr by Keno Fischer · 27 hours ago
  18. 0248ff9 ScheduleDAGInstrs: Fix fixupKills() by Matthias Braun · 28 hours ago
  19. bf14f47 [Demangler] copy changes made in libcxxabi's r303718 to ItaniumDemangle by Erik Pilkington · 29 hours ago
  20. 6a19144 [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add the Localizer pass for the O0 pipeline by Quentin Colombet · 29 hours ago