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  1. af17b26 [X86][MPX] Add load & store instructions of bnd values to getLoadStoreRegOpcode function. by Ayman Musa · 3 hours ago master
  2. e67d6dd [X86] Convert test checks to generated checks of NFC by Ayman Musa · 4 hours ago
  3. 2a7f417 [ARM] ScheduleDAGRRList::DelayForLiveRegsBottomUp must consider OptionalDefs by Artyom Skrobov · 5 hours ago
  4. aeda136 [APInt] Fix a few places that use APInt::getRawData to operate within the normal API. by Craig Topper · 5 hours ago
  5. e3ba850 [APInt] Use operator<<= where possible. NFC by Craig Topper · 6 hours ago
  6. 5e17d2e [APInt] Use operator<<= instead of shl where possible. NFC by Craig Topper · 7 hours ago
  7. 49f1a75 [ThinLTO/Summary] Rename anonymous globals as last action ... by Davide Italiano · 7 hours ago
  8. 1ea7b69 [APInt] Use ashInPlace where possible. by Craig Topper · 8 hours ago
  9. b48f5b7 Revert "Use DW_OP_stack_value when reconstructing variable values with arithmetic." by Adrian Prantl · 11 hours ago
  10. 5807fd2 Fix testcase: s/CHECKNEXT/CHECK-NEXT/ by Jonathan Roelofs · 12 hours ago
  11. 7c9ed78 [InstCombine] clean up tests and regenerate checks; NFC by Sanjay Patel · 12 hours ago
  12. 0d0472f [APInt] Add ashrInPlace method and implement ashr using it. Also fix a bug in the shift by BitWidth handling. by Craig Topper · 14 hours ago
  13. 702614a Use DW_OP_stack_value when reconstructing variable values with arithmetic. by Adrian Prantl · 15 hours ago
  14. 14a80cd [X86] Regenerate TLS tests by Simon Pilgrim · 16 hours ago
  15. e144946 [APInt] Remove unnecessary min with BitWidth from countTrailingOnesSlowCase. by Craig Topper · 16 hours ago
  16. db0b3ce [PartialInlining] Using existing hasAddressTaken interface to legality check/NFC by Xinliang David Li · 16 hours ago
  17. 56bf04c [InstCombine] use 'match' to reduce code; NFCI by Sanjay Patel · 18 hours ago
  18. bb7651b Update documentation for the NetBSD target by Kamil Rytarowski · 20 hours ago
  19. 4a42909 [globalisel][tablegen] Add support for RegisterOperand. by Daniel Sanders · 20 hours ago
  20. cc3830e [globalisel][tablegen] Revise API for ComplexPattern operands to improve flexibility. by Daniel Sanders · 21 hours ago