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  1. ce20559 [mips] Adds support for R_MIPS_26, HIGHER, HIGHEST relocations in RuntimeDyld. by Nitesh Jain · 2 hours ago master
  2. 3ae8f2d [X86] Teach the disassembler that some instructions use VEX.W==0 without a corresponding VEX.W==1 instruction and we shouldn't treat them as if VEX.W is ignored. by Craig Topper · 6 hours ago
  3. 7f31e4c [X86] Add VEX_WIG to applicable AVX512 instructions. by Craig Topper · 6 hours ago
  4. e5126d5 [X86] Add VEX_WIG to VROUNDSSrr/VROUNDSSrm/VROUNDSDrr/VROUNDSDrm by Craig Topper · 6 hours ago
  5. 7447532 [X86] Don't allow gather/scatter to disassembler if memory operand does not use a SIB byte. by Craig Topper · 7 hours ago
  6. 7f2ed03 Strip trailing whitespace. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 15 hours ago
  7. 51ff151 Reverting r316270 due to failing build bots. by Aaron Ballman · 15 hours ago
  8. 8d6bf15 [X86][SSE] Add extractps/pextrd equivalence to domain tables by Simon Pilgrim · 16 hours ago
  9. e746b67 [X86] Fix disassembling of EVEX instructions to stop accidentally decoding the SIB index register as an XMM/YMM/ZMM register. by Craig Topper · 16 hours ago
  10. 3ef0333 Fix MSVC 'result of 32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits' warning. NFCI. by Simon Pilgrim · 18 hours ago
  11. ce22881 [PPC CodeGen] Fix the bitreverse.i64 intrinsic. by Fangrui Song · 19 hours ago
  12. 698b76c [ValueTracking] Remove unnecessary temporary APInt from computeNumSignBitsVectorConstant. by Craig Topper · 19 hours ago
  13. 3afd582 [ValueTracking] Simplify the known bits code for constant vectors a little. by Craig Topper · 19 hours ago
  14. 3aad6fd [X86][SSE] Add missing extractps scheduling test by Simon Pilgrim · 21 hours ago
  15. bbbf08b [LoopInterchange] Fix phi node ordering miscompile. by David Green · 22 hours ago
  16. 449e890 [SelectionDAG] Use dyn_cast without cast. by Florian Hahn · 30 hours ago
  17. 34f57ff [SelectionDAG] Use isa to silence unused variable warning (NFC). by Florian Hahn · 31 hours ago
  18. ba52556 [SelectionDAG] Don't subject ConstantSDNodes to the depth limit in computeKnownBits and ComputeNumSignBits. by Craig Topper · 32 hours ago
  19. cbc06db [SelectionDAG] Don't subject ISD:Constant to the depth limit in TargetLowering::SimplifyDemandedBits. by Craig Topper · 33 hours ago
  20. abd557f [X86] Do not generate __multi3 for mul i128 on X86 by Craig Topper · 33 hours ago