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from litsupport import shellcommand
from litsupport import testplan
import os
import re
def _mutateCommandLine(context, commandline):
timefile = context.tmpBase + ".time"
config = context.config
cmd = shellcommand.parse(commandline)
timeit = "%s/tools/timeit-target" % config.test_source_root
args = ["--limit-core", "0"]
args += ["--limit-cpu", "7200"]
args += ["--timeout", "7200"]
args += ["--limit-file-size", "104857600"]
args += ["--limit-rss-size", "838860800"]
workdir = cmd.workdir
if not config.traditional_output:
stdout = cmd.stdout
if cmd.stdout is not None:
if not os.path.isabs(stdout) and workdir is not None:
stdout = os.path.join(workdir, stdout)
args += ["--redirect-stdout", stdout]
cmd.stdout = None
stderr = cmd.stderr
if stderr is not None:
if not os.path.isabs(stderr) and workdir is not None:
stderr = os.path.join(workdir, stderr)
args += ["--redirect-stderr", stderr]
cmd.stderr = None
if cmd.stdout is not None or cmd.stderr is not None:
raise Exception("Separate stdout/stderr redirection not " +
"possible with traditional output")
outfile = context.tmpBase + ".out"
args += ["--append-exitstatus"]
args += ["--redirect-output", outfile]
stdin = cmd.stdin
if stdin is not None:
if not os.path.isabs(stdin) and workdir is not None:
stdin = os.path.join(workdir, stdin)
args += ["--redirect-input", stdin]
cmd.stdin = None
args += ["--redirect-input", "/dev/null"]
if workdir is not None:
args += ["--chdir", workdir]
cmd.workdir = None
args += ["--summary", timefile]
# Remember timefilename for later
cmd.wrap(timeit, args)
return cmd.toCommandline()
def _mutateScript(context, script):
if not hasattr(context, "timefiles"):
context.timefiles = []
return testplan.mutateScript(context, script, _mutateCommandLine)
def _collectTime(context, timefiles, metric_name='exec_time'):
time = 0.0
for timefile in timefiles:
filecontent = context.read_result_file(context, timefile)
time += getUserTimeFromContents(filecontent)
return {metric_name: time}
def mutatePlan(context, plan):
if len(plan.runscript) == 0:
context.timefiles = []
plan.runscript = _mutateScript(context, plan.runscript)
lambda context: _collectTime(context, context.timefiles)
def getUserTime(filename):
"""Extract the user time from a .time file produced by timeit"""
with open(filename) as fd:
contents =
return getUserTimeFromContents(contents)
def getUserTimeFromContents(contents):
line = [line for line in contents.splitlines() if line.startswith('user')]
assert len(line) == 1
m = re.match(r'user\s+([0-9.]+)', line[0])
return float(