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obsequi - latin for compliance, indulgence, submission, pliancy.
This program is able to play and solve domineering boards.
Currently it can solve 9x9 and larger boards with a single processor.
To compile cd to the directory "obsequi", type make.
Should work, if not, you must be using a different compiler or
libraries. (I use gcc and glibc).
There isn't really any documentation for obsequi (sorry).
To get it to solve an 8x8 board use:
echo "solve rows 8 cols 8 V" | ./Obsequi
You can also pre-place blocks on the board.
The V says it is verticals turn first.
There are a number of run time options and compile time options, the
compile time options are in cppflags.raw (don't change the other cppflags*
files they are automatically changed.)