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0.2.8 (3 January 2004)
* Add the "base_type" option (Gopal V).
* Don't put trailing commas on enums because strict ANSI C
does not allow trailing commas (Miroslaw Dobrzanski-Neumann).
0.2.6 (17 July 2003)
* Add the "gc_allocator" option, so that node allocation can be
done using "libgc" if the programmer chooses to do so.
* Fix some non-ANSI variable declarations.
0.2.4 (29 March 2003)
* Fixes to for RPM generation (Stephen Compall).
* Add support for namespaces in C++ (Jeyasankar Kottalam).
* Change "new.h" to "new" to comply with C++ standards
(Jeyasankar Kottalam).
* Fix the return type of YYNODESTATE::dealloc (Jeyasankar Kottalam).
0.2.2 (8 February 2003)
* PHP back-end patches (Alan Knowles).
* Add directory entries to texinfo documentation (Stephen Compall).
* "print_lines" and "no_print_lines" options (James Michael DuPont).
* "allocator" and "no_allocator" options.
* Permit treecc "%name" options to be set from the command-line.
* Replace "sed" with "normalize" in "run_tests", to work around
problems on systems with CRLF end of line markers (e.g. cygwin.
0.2.0 (11 January 2003)
* Bind the skeleton files directly into the "treecc" binary,
to solve problems with locating the skeletons at runtime.
* Always disable cygwin for Win32 builds.
* Better support for out of tree builds.
* Fix up end of line handling in the test suite so that the
tests don't fail because of CRLF vs LF issues.
* Add the "interal_access" and "public_access" options to
support creating private libraries of nodes in C#.
* Fix the "-f" (force) command-line flag.
* PHP back-end (Alan Knowles).
0.1.8 (23 November 2002)
* Bug fixes and documentation for Ruby back-end (Peter Minten).
* Support languages that don't use tabs for indenting (Peter Minten).
0.1.6 (5 November 2002)
* Fix C++ code generation in the declaration of virtual operations.
* Add Ruby code generation (Peter Minten).
* "Quick and Dirty" guide to extending treecc to new languages.
0.1.4 (2 September 2002)
* Fixes to "" and autoconf/automake support scripts
to better support automake 1.6 systems.
0.1.2 (27 June 2002)
* Add some patches to support out of tree builds (Stephen Compall).
* Make the build system more automake 1.5 friendly.
* Work around versions of "sed" that don't support "-" for stdin.
0.1.0 (20 April 2002)
* Add maintainer mode to the autoconf system to work around
autotools version problems.
0.0.8 (27 March 2002)
* ANSI C compatiblity fixes.
* Only build "expr_cpp" if bison is being used because "byacc"
does not understand the options used in the C++ grammar.
* Polish the Texinfo documentation a little.
* Fix the C++ skeleton to use "size_t" in the declaration of "alloc".
* Implement the "strip_filenames" option to improve the predictability
of code generation in Portable.NET's C# compiler.
* Add the "" and "" scripts.
* Add the "essay.html" file to the documentation directory.
0.0.6 (28 December 2001)
* Swap the order of some fields in "YYNODESTATE" to align nodes
better on 64-bit platforms.
* Fix a bug which prevented treecc from creating default output
files if "%output" and "%header" were missing from the source.
* Bug fix in the singleton code: missing '*' in return case.
* Add an option for kind values in either the node or the vtable.
Vtable kinds can help reduce memory requirements.
* Bug fix to the skeleton expansion code: "yy" was not being
properly expanded to the specified prefix.
* Implement the "%split" flag for non-virtual operations to split
large "switch" statements across multiple functions. This should
help alleviate optimisation problems when compiling Portable.NET's
C# compiler with GCC 3.0.
0.0.4 (8 November 2001)
* Modify the skeleton files so that tree nodes are aligned correctly
on 64-bit Solaris systems.
* Slight documentation and GNU-compliance updates.
* New version numbering scheme.